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Food is Fuel, Not Comfort!

on July 13, 2010

It’s funny how much you eat when you’re not really hungry….and not really paying attention. Sunday was a tough day emotionally for me, and I found myself “not really hungry” but eating. A granola bar here – a 90 calorie Snickers ice cream bar there (OMG heaven!)….a handful of Popchips…a few bites of yogurt. When I sat down to record it all on SparkPeople I was astonished.

1756 calories?!   How the hell did someone who WASN’T hungry eat that much?!?! Insanity!

Just goes to show…this is how easily you can pack on pounds when you’re not recording everything that goes in your mouth! Like I mentioned, it was a tough day emotionally and my comfort is usually found in food. I was recording all my calories not because I was being a good doobie…no no, I was contemplating a peanut butter shake – and figured I was WAY under my calories for the day so why not?! WRONG! Wrong wrong wrong! Not only was I at my calorie limit….but I know better than rewarding a tough day with food! Dammit, why is food so easy accessible…and so soothing?

So, let’s say I had eaten that delicious PB shake. I’d be 500 calories over my goal for the day. If I went over my 500 calories every day this week…I’d be 3500 calories over. 3500 calories = 1 pound. So, rather than LOSING weight, I’d gain. Insane! All that hard work, down the drain because I can’t keep my emotions in check without food.

So, I guess I’m partially to the root of my problem. Food = comfort. Bad day? Ice cream. Fight with a loved one? Cookies. Feeling “fat”? Cupcake.  It’s funny that the way I make myself feel better about being fat is eating something to make me…more fat! God, where’s the logic in THAT?! Reading it in black and white just makes me laugh at how foolish it actually is! 🙂

So, I know all the things you should do when you want to emotionally eat:  exercise, call a friend, take a walk, read a book…blah blah. Sometimes, the rational part of my brain just won’t kick in. Maybe I need to take up knitting….if your hands are occupied, you can’t eat! Right? We’ll see about that, I’m not sure I have time or space for another hobby!

I can see now that I went off course previously when I ate something I wasn’t proud of or ate more of something than I know I should. When I’m disappointed I don’t want to write things down. Who wants to relive their failures? No one. In order for this venture to be different from my past, I’m going to have to get uncomfortable. I’m going to have to write down my mistakes, and be honest about where I derailed in my eating during any given day. That’s part of real life – just not a glamorous part! No one ever talks about the non-fabulous aspects to losing weight and getting healthy. I guess “Here’s A List of my Dieting Failures” wouldn’t make a great novel, eh?

I’m leaving you with a question – what is your favorite healthy snack? I’d love to incorporate more into my routine. Currently I’m munching on grapes, cherries, greek yogurt, and salty n’ sweet peanut granola bars – so any variety you can suggest would be great!

P.S.- I’m a huge fan of pictures w/ my “stories” – so I’ll be adding pix to my blog posts. Today is no cookies for comfort!


6 responses to “Food is Fuel, Not Comfort!

  1. Christine says:

    My favorite snack that is more filling and more satisfying like a mini-meal would be a serving (1/3rd cup I believe) of low-fat cottage cheese, with a 80-90 calorie veggie (or boca) burger. Break up the cooked patty, mix together and season with onion powder, salt and pepper. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Definitely take up a craft. When you’re working on fabulous medallions for your belly dance belt, it keeps your hands occupied, plus you don’t want to eat while doing it because you might get food on your lovely project.

  3. Denise Carr says:

    I faltered too!!!,w the damn icecream, this week. its very tough, carry bottles of water around w you, even in the car. I chew gum, reminds me not to put extra stuff in my mouth. Don’t dispair, just continue plan for the next meal, I think planning is the key for me. having it ready is helps. I am w you all the way, . fill the house w low cal snacks, trader joes, has good stuff. I hate fruit myself, I force myself. I luv watermelon, so been grabbing alot of that. which helps decrease the water weight.

  4. Hilary says:

    Loving your blog, girl! I’m also guilty of eating when I’m not really hungry, but if there’s crap food around the house… that’s what’s going to happen. I’m one of those that knows they should lose a few pounds, but resist the “lifestyle” change aspect of it… because well, it’s difficult when life is already crazy and hectic – so it’s easy not to try. You’re doing great Samantha and I’m looking forward to your next post!

  5. […] angry/upset/whatever is to eat for comfort. Food makes me feel better. But, like I realized back in Food is Fuel, Not Comfort I know my triggers and need to find a better outlet for them. So, I might not have eaten this week […]

  6. Full Post says:

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