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Weigh in and Weekend Woes….

on July 16, 2010

So, this morning was my first weigh-in since this blog – and since my new, healthy approach.

As of this morning I am 379.9 …. down 5.1 pounds! 😀


I’m thrilled with that!  I ate well, but I didn’t exercise nearly as much as I planned. Next week will be more focused on fitness.

Speaking of fitness;  I’ve started a new challenge at work. The fitness coordinator is running a program called ‘Walk Across America” – details here:

Summertime “Get Fit” Challenge
Get ready to take a trip around the U.S.A. and walk, run, or bike your way to better fitness. This challenge will take you various destinations across America. Throughout the contest you will be challenged to complete the city-to-city trek by gaining steps. Steps can be gained by simply wearing a pedometer and counting your day-to-day accumulated steps or by counting your steps through walking, biking, running, and other various forms of exercise. Outside fitness center usage DOES count and all steps accumulated throughout the day will count so it doesn’t have to be “formal” exercise to count! So get your pedometer out, and start counting those steps for a summertime adventure! Once you have signed-up for the challenge you will be given a packet with all the information about the cities and a map that shows you the course. Inside the packet you will find a chart to track your weekly progress. You will be responsible for tracking your own progress in your packet and reporting it to the fitness center manager every Monday and for scheduling your baseline and ending fitness assessments with the fitness center staff. Each 10,000 steps walked will equal 150 miles on the map. Awards will be given to the male and female who gets the closest to the final destination across America!

It sounds really great and will get me focused on cardio, and burning some calories!

So, the weekend woes…

I am going out 3 times this weekend, and will be REALLY tempted to have cocktails/dessert every time (my 2 biggest weaknesses, for sure!). How do I resist the temptation?! Ah! I know to look the menu is ahead of time, make sure I’m not RAVENOUS when I walk into the restaurant, avoid bread/”fillers” and drink lots of water. Here’s to hoping I stay on track! 🙂


11 responses to “Weigh in and Weekend Woes….

  1. Curt says:

    BJ’s restaurant next to the Avid office in Burbank has the nutritional information for every item IN the menu. Once you read that you’ll be suitably horrified (I know I was) and severely cut back when you go to restaurants. IIRC one item had 3000mg of sodium. Thats like your whole daily allotment in one go.

  2. Sharon says:

    Hmm. When I started out, I used to get appetizers and dessert. Now I choose one or the other. And majority of the time, I don’t like either…so pick restaurants where you don’t like the appetizers or the dessert? Heh.

    And I still get bread every now and then. I find stressing about the menu is detrimental. I just don’t get it EVERY time. I hope this pseudo-advice helps somewhat.

  3. sara says:

    that is an incredible success my friend. i am a huge fan of weight watchers, and for me portion control is hard. so like a previous post says, i will have one or the other- so i don’t feel deprived but try not to have as much as i really wish i could,
    congratulations darlin, we will dance in celebration ! 🙂 xo

  4. Restaurants are tough. There’s no question on that. What I used to do was pass on the free bread/chips, get exactly one glass of wine, and nurse it through the entire meal. That would keep me from feeling really deprived. Another friend of mine would get the bar to add a little cranberry juice to a glass of selzer water, with several slices of lime on the side. So even without alcohol, it felt like he was drinking something fabulous.

    Good luck!

  5. Nepenthe says:

    I was reading about this idea to create new associations with whatever it is you don’t want to eat. So, imagine they serve bread to your table, and just imagine that it’s made of cardboard, tastes like cardboard (or something even more disgusting) to change your reaction to it. because it’s not about how it tastes – it’s about how we imagine it’s going to taste/feel to us.

    For cocktails, I used to try to come up with low-cal cocktails that I could order, like see if they have diet tonic water, and get a gin & tonic. I mean, you still have to account for the gin but it cuts down on the total calories.

  6. Christine says:

    OMG OMG OMG CONGRATS GIRL! That is fantastic success in the first week – you must be so proud!

    2 years ago, CGI did the GCC (which you have to pay to do) but its basically the Walk Across America challenge. You wear the pedometer every day, get a minimum of 10,000 steps a day (the recommended amount) and log your steps. Nice friendly challenge. Last year and this year, we developed our own free program, and host a walking challenge in the company over the summer. Yesterday I got over 12k steps!

    I have found it forces me to move when I don’t want, and is a workout I can always fall back on. GOOD LUCK!

  7. Kelly says:

    Congrats Samantha! Keep up the good work. During the week I try and stick to no drinking, salads, etc. I only allow myself bread if I run that day. On the weekends reward yourself a little bit and enjoy going out with friends. If you over do it or feel bad the next morning just make up for it with a good hard sweat! Be careful drinking too much water with food, it dilutes your stomach acids and slows down digestion. Stay positive and get good rest, you’ve got a strong woman inside you ready for the challenge! Miss you!

  8. Denise Carr says:

    Good Job, wish I could say the same for myself, ugh!! to many cookouts. anyway, its good to graze the food table, look at it !!size it up first I have doing this. then go at it again and pick the good stuff that w be low cal . and feel satisfied.

  9. Denise Carr says:

    As for Cocktails, can u drink a rum and diet coke, or a bud light is ok. isnt it?? I do bloody mary’s sometimes, but it high in salt.

  10. Layne says:

    Good job!!! Keep it up! If you need a walking buddy let me know. I have a pedometer 🙂 Anyway.. I like drinking soda water with lime when I go out to eat…. it gives you a little carbonation without calories so it isn’t as boring as water!

    Call me soon 🙂

  11. Amy says:

    Great job Samantha!! Stew told be about your blog so I am just checking it out. I think this is a fantastic idea to help keep you on track 🙂 Congrats girl, keep with it!

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