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Converting a Night Owl

on August 10, 2010

Since my bad weigh-in last week…I vowed to kick ass on the fitness front this weekend.

I did OK….certainly not fantastic. I did some Pilates and yoga Saturday and got a good cardio workout on Sunday (thank you Jillian Michaels!). But, I found myself saying “I’m too bussssy”…”I’m too tiiiired”. Wah, wah, wah! God, am I always this much of a WHINER?! (please don’t respond…I know the answer!).

So, working out at night isn’t going well for me – I’m tired when I get home from work , and HUNGRY. So, I end up eating dinner around 7pm…then trying to exercise around 9pm. I mean, I don’t want a DIE of a cramp so I wait the mandatory hour. Wait, that’s drown huh? Well, same thing. 😉  If I do workout at night, I end up so wound-up I can’t fall asleep until 1am/2am. That does not bode well for productive working the next day.

Having *never* been a morning person (and I mean EVER)…I keep waffling between “it’s impossible to change” and “if  you don’t start working out BEFORE work, you’re going to stay fat DAMMIT“.  Do you guys think I could trick myself into being a morning person?

In order to workout pre-work I would need to be up at 5:45am. I know, I know, a bunch of you are up long before this…but trust me, that’s usually only a few hours after I go to BED!

So, I need your help morning peeps – how do I convert myself into a morning person? I wish it was as simple as “go to bed earlier”…but really, I could sleep until 9am or 10am every day – no matter how early I got to bed. Alternatively, if I go to bed too early (before 9pm), I end up waking up at 3am – WIDE AWAKE!  GAH!

I need your tricks/mantras/prayers to help me get my fat ass out of bed, and exercising at least 3 week days (I’m striving for good, not perfection here people!). Weekends allot for  more time for sleeping-in since there is no work.

Whatcha got? Hit me with your best suggestions, pretty please with sparkles on top!


*Sleepy and sloth-like


15 responses to “Converting a Night Owl

  1. Ashley says:

    First of all, try going at lunch. (Does the new building have showers that you can use after your workout?) That combats both problems.

    Secondly, if that’s not possible, try meeting someone for a workout at 6/6:15am. It’s a lot harder to sleep in if you know you’re letting someone else down.

    I think that unless you eat a suuuuper late lunch (3pm), you will always be hungry when you get home. And pretty much always tired.

  2. Manuela says:

    Hey there, one of the things that gets my butt moving in the morning is two sets up doggie eyes watching me and waiting for me to take them for a walk. Yep, right about 6 – 6:30ish every morning except for monsoons or blizzards. It may not be feasible for you to adopt a dog right now, but it may be something for the future. As for working out I used to go right after work without going home first. Had a small snack or piece of fruit, changed at work before I left and off I went. That worked pretty well; the only reason I don’t do that anymore is the classes I take are offered later. Lunch is a good time too, even if you just 1) take a walk around the block or 2) climb some stairs…..Good Luck, keep up the fight, we’re all with you!

  3. Mark says:

    Make the evening workout the thing. Go right to the gym from work and get it done. Think like a thin person. Drink 24 oz. of water on the way to the gym. You don’t need to eat dinner right away. Take it from someone who has a compulsive eating habit. If I think about it I need to eat it. Get excited about doing 45 mins. on the treadmill right after work. If you need to eat later, go home, relax, take a shower, delay eating right away, then have a salad with a little cheese or grilled chicken. When you want the bread and butter or a piece of cake think of something else you enjoy like a day at the beach, visualize being thin. Make yourself do it for a month.
    I know, telling you is me telling me. I need to do it too.

  4. Paul says:

    Of course it’s as easy as “simply go to bed earlier” – this really isn’t rocket science 🙂 Just because you don’t feel like a morning person, doesn’t mean you can’t set a 5am alarm and get up every day, if you’re motivated enough.

    Trust me – I went from working late shifts and sleeping in all morning, to getting up at 5am every single day to go to the gym – and this was before Dylan. It’s not something you change overnight, but changing any habit isn’t going to happen over night.

  5. Jim says:

    I’m not a morning person either. I did used to get up at 5:50 go running from 6-6:30. Then shower & work. I kept it up for a while & hated it, until missing one morning turned into two then turned into a week.
    My advice if your not a morning person you’ll never keep up a good routine. Tricks only work for so long.
    I now work out right after work. Either at the gym at work or on the elipse machine in our bedroom. I’m usually done working out & take a shower by 6:30-7:00 and eat dinner between 7:30-8:00 pm. Then have the rest of the night to relax watch TV and get to bed by 11:30-12:00 am.

    Hope this helps keep up the good work!

  6. John says:

    Hey Sam, as a single dad I’ve always had the same conundrum. First off, like you, I’m not a morning person, I’ve never tried to fake it, so that’s been off the table. I need my sleep, if I don’t get it, I’m a mean spirited prick all day. I’ve tried exercising after work with a steady routine, but that failed as well, the two things that worked for me is 1) a peer group of friends that I work out with at lunch (primarily bike riding) and 2) mixing up the after work cardio workouts. No excuses! Sometimes I’ll go biking after work, sometimes I’ll stop at the track and run a couple miles, some nights I’ll jump on the stationary bike for an hour, some nights I’ll just mow the lawn (yes, this is one hell of a workout!). Just keep mixing it up, and I’ll tell you, the more weight comes off, the easier and more rewarding the workouts are. Don’t do the same thing all the time, it gets boring, stop and smell the roses, and even if you’re not a religious person, always appreciate the miracle of life that we’ve been given, it puts a whole new perspective on the weight loss battle.

  7. Nate says:

    habits usually take two weeks to form. if you really want to do a morning workout, you need to stick it out for two weeks and then it will start to change and feel normal.

    i naturally am a late sleeper, but after 8 years of steady influence, I can’t sleep much past 8:30

  8. Badriya says:

    I’m not a morning person at all either, so I’ll share how I handle evening workouts/dance classes–I have a Larabar about half an hour beforehand, because the fruit gives me instant sugar energy and the nuts give me a little longer lasting energy as the sugar wears off. Then when I’m done/get home, I eat a late dinner (9ish is normal for me), but I tend to eat more lightly after exercising. Also on those days I’ll make sure I eat a little extra at lunch–a little healthy extra, of course, not dessert 😉

    I like the dog idea, though!

  9. Lily says:

    I AM a morning person an I only lasted a few weeks doing 6:30 am classes! Back in the pre-kid era I did three things – twice weekly lunchtime cardio classes. I let myself get a latte afterwards if I went. Three times a week i’d meet a friend after work for half an hour on the elliptical. This was gossip/trashy magazine time. I’d shower at home and then be set for work the next day. And then there were dance classes – being a poor grad student I couldn’t very well ditch something I’d already paid for!

  10. Paul Pearman says:

    Hi Samantha

    I’m not a morning person but before I moved to LA I was getting up at 6am driving to the gym and then after that going on to work – personally I cannot stand exercising in the evening. I have some energy when I get up but after a day at work I find it hard to get motivated to do any exercise. After seeing your mail a few weeks back I realized that I too need to do something so last week I went out every night after work and walked for an hour. That worked for me a few years back so I’m sure it will this time, but this week it is already Tuesday and I have not walked anywhere.

    All I can say is that once you manage to get out of bed early and do it everyday it really does become a habit and you just do it on autopilot – and you do start to feel good about yourself – I’m saying all this in the hope that I can motivate myself to get up early and do some exercise ……

    Good luck 🙂

  11. I’m not an early-morning person either*, but when I worked downtown, I’d go to the gym three mornings a week before work, which involved getting on a bus by 6:30 to pull it off. Bleurgh. What I told myself to make it work was that if I was going to do something I didn’t enjoy, I might as well do it in my least-favorite part of the day. I also did lunchtime classes fairly regularly as well.

    (*For the record, I’m an afternoon person, not a night person. My sweet spot is between 10am and 4pm. Left to my own devices, I’d get up at 8am and go to bed at 11pm.)

  12. Christine says:

    I would say you at least should try it. When you work out at night and then are up to 2am – its because of the energy a workout gives you, and imagine having that in the morning! Plus, you’ll have it “out of the way” and nights will be your relaxing reward after work.

    If that doesn’t work out (I know I had a rough time trying to exercise in the morning) I would agree with Jim. I would get home (have a snack shortly before leaving work) and then go straight into changing into my clothes. That way I didn’t have time to sit, get involved in something else, and put my workout on the backburner.

    On another note – so much cardiodancing on Saturday 😉

  13. Nepenthe says:

    I just work out after work, with a small snack beforehand to tide me over.

  14. Meg says:

    You can try having a snack at around 4ish or so of protein and carbs (hard boiled egg and some fruit or some rice maybe) – should help to give you energy to do your work out before dinner? But I agree, if you can swing a lunch break workout, that might be best. Me – I’m doing 2x during the week (but I wfh those 2 days and go at lunch) and am going to aim for 2x on weekends as a way to get my ass up and out for the day. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  15. Curt says:

    Ugh, you figure this one out you tell me. Especially with the cool nights we’ve been having the bed is soooo snuggly.

    I’m much much too lazy to be working out hardly ever. Fortunately the dog requires walking so that helps but not enough so I’m basically forced to watch my eating habits that much closer. Having the heart issue this year helped to push me some but not as much as I thought it would. Stents are too easy…

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