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10 Goals by 3-0

on August 15, 2010

Terrible weekend. I got really sick Friday night from food poisoning and ended up missing the wedding of good friends of mine on Saturday! So sad. Not only did I miss celebrating their love…but dammit, I missed wearing my sassy new *dress* (the last time I wore a dress was prom. 10 years ago).  Looks like I might need to take them both out for fancy dinner so we can all dress up, lol!

This entry is one I wrote in my paper journal @ 3am this morning. It still sounds good 18 1/2 hrs later, so I’m posting it.

I know it’s not recommended to put time limits on your goals. You should never say “in 4 months I will run a marathon” if you’ve never ran etc. However, I’m gonna break this rule.

I’ve been finding little ways to keep myself motivated and on target. One of those things has been writing out the top 10 goals I want to achieve by the time I hit 30. We all think of these things – but I’m not focusing on real estate or offspring (though both are important to me). No, no. This list is completely about 10 things I will do for me by the time I hit 3-0. For the record, I am 28 and 7 months….so the time frame is 1 years and 5 months.

Side note: One of my top 5 favorite movies of all times is “High Fidelity”. I credit Rob Gordon (John Cusak) with my penchant for making lists.

Top 10 Things I Will Achieve By 30 (that are directly impacted by my size)
(In no real order, because I couldn’t prioritize! Also, I have career goals – but those have nothing to do with my weight, so I left them out).

10.Be under 200 pounds, which would be AH-MAZING. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I was 199 or under.

9. Run a 5K (I don’t care where I place…I just want to complete the whole 3.2 miles running).

8. Purchase clothes at a REGULAR store. Yup, no “plus”, no “special” – just walk into Macy’s and buy something off the rack! You skinny people have no idea how lucky you are! 😉

7. Ride roller coasters again. I’ve lied and said I was scared (although I am scared of heights….rides never bothered me). No, I’m not scared; I’m too fat to fit comfortably and that SUCKS. Once I can fit, I smell a road trip to Cedar Point!

6. Snowboard and surf! I’m not really a winter person – but man, snowboarding looks FUN! Since I assume they are using the same muscle groups, I’m lumping surfing in here too. Both look super enjoyable.

5. Three words: Knee.High.Boots. I want ‘em. BAD! No “wide calf” – no “elastic top” – actual, legit super sexy knee-high boots. Call me shallow, but I covet them!

4. Go to the beach…in a bathing suit. OMG, crazy right? For a fat person it is! No beach mumu, no ridiculous flowered cover-up…just a towel and a cute tankini. Hell, once I’m there I might actually swim!

3.  Earn my Pilates certification to teach. I once loved Pilates, but then I got too fat to accomplish the moves successfully. Now I’m easing my way back in…and would love to be able to teach at some point ~ especially to a bigger group where I could show proper modifications.

2. Show my *belly* when belly dancing. Woah nelly! Yup, I want to actually wear a pretty decorated top like this while bellydancing:

(Kami Liddle, one of my bellydance idols!).

1. Be the kind that attracts my kind. So, I’ll be elaborating a lot more on this soon…but here’s the gist (stolen from my own resolutions a few NYE’s ago!). It’s true that a woman should work on herself before attempting to find a mate. My ideal partner is financially independent, healthy in his eating and exercising routines, emotionally mature, funny, worldly, passionate about something and an all around good person. I imagine this person is looking for the same characteristics in his mate. I will embody these qualities by age 30, so that when he finds me, I’ll be ready for him. ❤

There you have it….my list of goals. If they change, I’ll keep you posted. But, that’s what I’m aiming for right now! 🙂


3 responses to “10 Goals by 3-0

  1. Sharon says:

    Dude, I’m below 200 pounds and I STILL can’t fit in knee high boots. Dammit.

    The other thing is a 5k is only 3.1 miles. Which sounds like a minor correction but when you’re running, you’ll be like “oh thank god it’s only 3.1 miles and not 3.2”

    Good luck with your goals! I wrote some down as well but when I’m ambitious enough, I’ll write it in my own blog.

  2. Curt says:

    Hey, getting under 200 is one of my big goals too! I’m thinking it was junior high for me…

    You decide its time for Cedar Point and I’ll drive!

  3. John says:

    This f*ing rocks!!! I love that you put this stuff on here. So, ask my girlfriend, I’m the cockiest self assurred arrogant SOB she’s ever met and I have a goal for my running, but I’ve been tossing about whether or not I’m going to post that in a public forum (FB) for fear of not reaching it. Girl, it is the SACK that you put yourself out for all to see. What it says about you is that your determination to succeed far outweighs your fear of failure, which is the critical element in reaching your goals. Good on you, this is great stuff!!

    BTW — when I broke 200, I took a photo, posted it on FB, and rewarded myself with two glorious slices of pizza!!

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