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“The Jeans Test” and Weekly Weigh-In

on August 20, 2010

I’ve been quite disconnected from the world wide webz this week because of my training class. I don’t like it! Luckily, our last day is today (followed by a big test – AH!).

As a result of being so disconnected, I am lacking in posts…and in food recording. Using SparkPeople is great…except when I can’t get on the computer. I have a cell of course, but it can’t access that site. Gah! Additionally I’m not snacking during class so I end up STARVING by the time I get home, and eating more than I would normally. I can’t wait to get back in my groove!

I guess I’ll give the bad news first – I’m only down 1 pound. ONE damn pound. 370. OK, technically it’s 1.1 pound….but really, 1 pound!? Bleh.

However, there is good news in the form of what my BFF Jewels calls the “Jeans Test” – jeans (and one pair of dress pants) that did not fit a few months ago now fit. Woo!  I can normally wear jeans 3-4 times before needing to wash them….and that is not the case with my favorite pair. After 1 wear they need a belt, and after 2 wears they are baggy in odd places (like the crotch – not a good look). So, I *feel* smaller, and my jeans agree. I’d call that a win!

Did I exercise this week? ONE workout. Hmmm…does that coincide with my ONE pound? Perhaps! Haha.  I did some walking – but did not workout 4 times like I planned. I found myself exhausted after work (to the point of falling asleep!) and waking up late. GAH! I need to get my SHIT together! Excuses, excuses…!

On the agenda for the weekend – lots of plans! Bellydance show and workshop, seeing a new friend for a lesson and dinner, seeing good friends who just had a baby (eee!) and fitting in some workouts. Oh wait, no- I will be planning those events AROUND my workouts, right? 😉 Right!

Next week – back to normal job with Interwebz and normal schedule – planning to do 4 workouts total in my new Bob Harper DVD series. Once I finish I’ll review it! So far, I dig it!


4 responses to ““The Jeans Test” and Weekly Weigh-In

  1. Sharon says:

    Oooh, Alexis and I are trying the Inside Out Bob Harper workout. We workout together on Wednesdays, wish you were here to work out with us! We like to laugh when we’re uncoordinated.

    I only lost 1/2 a pound this week (even though I ran 3 days this week ( a total of 15 miles)…1/2 a pound! But I’ll take it, so be proud of that 1 pound girl. It could’ve been a GAIN of 1 pound which is even worse.

    Life gets in the way but you keep going.

    Also, I will see you next Sunday! Yay!

  2. sara says:

    Getting in jeans and having them like that is wonderful….losing inches is a good feeling… I remember after I had ana, i had a lovely pair of jeans i lived in before getting pregnant, a week after i delivered my babe, ego said “hey, try em on!” … yeah ….um literally, i could not get them past my knees to even get past my thighs. yeah, that was a reality check alright. now, 6 years later, i can get them up, but they are still a good 6 inches away from being buttoned, or zipped for that matter. HOWEVER, my point is feeling those jeans get around my hips was a BIG deal. I savored it. I still wish to someday get those f’ers totally on. but in no rush. Can’t wait for tomorrow and to see you honey. You are really doing so amazing and I am so happy to share your journey.

  3. Nepenthe says:

    I have an idea – when you see your friends with their new baby, ask if they’d like to take the baby out for a walk…combining working out with hanging out!

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