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Owning My Choices and Avoiding Quick Fixes

on September 1, 2010

So, before tonight’s post du jour – I’m happy to report I’ve been getting up to exercise (ok ok…I got up early 2 mornings – but it’s better than NO mornings!) and I’ve been overall just doing better at reaching my Oct 1st. goal! Huzzah! I’m revived and motivated. 🙂

A friend asked me why I had succeeded…or failed in the past. I had to think long and hard before I responded (via email) – and I even read through some of my old journals. My past successes boiled down to one thing: pleasing someone else. My past failures: I stopped loving/needing/caring about that person and what they thought. Sometimes it was conscious, but it was also unconscious a few times. You don’t realize that you behave a certain way around the people you spend the most time with. Sometimes you even inherit their traits (good or bad). You are (to some extent) who ya hang with!

I responded letting her know I could sum it all up in a few words – “I wasn’t doing it for me“.

This is THE FIRST time I have ever tried losing weight and getting healthy for myself. I’m not doing it to please someone else – and dammit, that doesn’t ever work anyways!

You can’t make me stop eating and start moving. It’s just not possible. If I don’t have the gusto – all the bribing, yelling, cajoling, reasoning etc. etc. in the world ain’t gonna work.Now, by the same token I don’t believe in taking the quick fix way out either. I’m in this for the long haul.

I don’t believe in gastric bypass as a means to solve weight issues.  Now, hear me out – there are people (like the half-ton man from TLC’s hit show) who have NO OTHER OPTIONS. Ok, fine – gastric bypass saves your life. HOWEVER, you had a million chances to save your own and chose not to. Eating was a choice.  Not exercising? Also a choice. No one forces you to gain hundreds of pounds.

I have known 6 people that had gastric bypass – in all cases but 1 they gained all the weight back – plus some. Getting your stomach reduced to the size of a grapefruit does not teach you how to control your portions- or what to eat. It teaches you to cram as much shit into the shot glass you get for each meal as possible. Additionally, if you don’t exercise while you’re losing loads of weight – you end up needing to have skin removed. LOTS of skin. One friend of mine ended up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein – scars on the inside of her legs, arms and on both sides on her hips. It scared the beejesus out of me. BUT….she could buy a size 4 jeans. Hmmm…. was that worth it? No. Now, as a sidenote I knew this person before she had the surgery and the skin removals – she was sweet. Once she was a size 4? Notsomuch. She actually said she didn’t “find herself having much in common with fat people anymore”. That made me laugh – deep down, you’ll ALWAYS be a fat chick honey! Sigh.

So, I’m not doing this for anyone else – and I’m not taking the “easy” way out.  Do I wish there was a magic pill? Hell yes. Actually, I patented an invention. It’s called a fat donation system (FDS for short). You stand on one side of the crazy contraption – and you stick a skinny person on the other side (or someone you just hate) and poof- you type in how many pounds you want to transfer and it goes from you to them! Cool huh? 🙂  Of course, it’s still in it’s infant stages (aka complex diagrams I have made while drunk….ha).

Poll time! It’s been a while and you know I love a good poll.


3 responses to “Owning My Choices and Avoiding Quick Fixes

  1. Memie says:

    Awesome, that is so cool that you got up to exercise. Thumbs up Woman.

  2. Dave says:

    This is awesome, Sam. I’m excited for you, and proud of you, and thinking seriously about joining you. I will be reading regularly.

  3. Kelly says:

    Keep it up, you sound so positive! Can I use your magic machine on my annoying customers?

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