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Weekend Recap

on September 7, 2010

So, this weekend I did some serious ass-kicking! I’ve found a place to walk that’s not too far from my house, quiet and safe. Now, this might sound creepy – but it’s a graveyard. My Papa, Nana and my uncle are all buried there, so it’s someplace I’ve certainly been before. I’ve never walked there- until recently. It’s so peaceful! (Um, no pun intended!). The rows are wide enough for a car to pass you without pushing you onto the grass (I think it’s sacrilegious to walk on graves!) and it’s nice and quiet.  I racked up 6 miles of walking total this long weekend – a feat I am very proud of! 🙂

As a constant multi-tasker I brought my headphones and iPod – armed with 3 new playlists just in case I got bored. The funny thing was- I didn’t even notice what I was listening to! I was so engrossed with admiring the gravestones or the sunshine or the tips of the trees about to turn orange for the fall….I didn’t even realize I had tuned out the music! These walks are also one of the only times during the day where I’m not talking. I am a serious chatterbox – sometimes exhausting the people around me. 🙂  But, in the graveyard I find myself calm and chill. I don’t have a crazy inner monologue running. I’m not playing out my weekly to-do list or thinking about fun events coming up. I just walk.

A friend of mine who is a long-distance runner said while he runs he clears his head – and expends all his pent up energy into the workout. It totally makes sense to me now!

The weather in New England is fickle – but I hope to have another 2-3 months of these lovely outside walks before I have to find a treadmill. The fresh air, and calmness are good for my butt – and my mind! Alternatives to the treadmill would be mall-walking…but I’m not sure I want to get up so early to get my exercise in. Walking in the snow/ice is definitely a non-option – I get sick way to easily, and I’m prone to spraining my ankles at least once a winter on ice, LOL.

One more observation I made about walking daily – I’m less likely to eat anything bad for me once I’ve exercised (or knowing I have to!). Why waste calories on something I don’t want – and don’t need when I know how many laps of the grave I’ll have to do just to compensate for it?! It’s a win-win situation. I also enjoy seeing how many steps I can rack up on my pedometer. I’m more likely to keep going if I only have .75 of a mile, and I set out to go a mile, etc. So, that $25 gadget was a great invention!

On the minus side, I had 2 migraines over the weekend, and one last week. I’m annoyed that I keep getting them – and they can’t be narrowed down to a root cause like I can usually do with hives. I’m blaming the change in season – air pressure etc. Hopefully once fall kicks in I’ll be migraine-free!

This week I am giving myself another fitness challenge besides walking….weeding through my DVDs. I have close to 50 exercise tapes, it’s insane. I’m going to watch them – try them (if I’ve never tried them) and put them into categories: Now, Future, Never. The “Never” DVDs will be given away – to readers on here if anyone is interested! I’d much rather see them go to a loving home where they won’t collect dust! 🙂


4 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. I love walking through graveyards. When I walk, I just listen to what’s around me rather than strapping on headphones. It’s a nice mental cleanser.

  2. Christine says:

    Congrats, always wonderful to find an exercise you actually enjoy doing! Good luck, hoping it super pays off this week 🙂

  3. Memie says:

    I enjoy walking in the cemetary as well, it is relaxing and you can daydream while you walk. Once you go through your dvd’s if you don’t have any takers or shakers donate them to the library, if you have any left over. Congrats on your increased mileage. Looking forward to the next blog

  4. Sharon says:

    I call the treadmill the ‘dreadmill’ because I find it so boring. Walking outside is definitely the way to go! Way to go Samantha!

    However, the way I get over the treadmill is I go to a gym with a tv and I watch either “the biggest loser” or “wipeout” and before you know it, the hour is over. I also watched the Celtics hit the playoffs so that was good too.

    Anyway, keep going! I would love to run a 5k with you someday!

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