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“You Don’t Know Me…”

on September 8, 2010

I was singing along with Ben Folds this morning to my favorite duet (with Regina Spektor) – “You Don’t Know Me“…and I was inspired to write this blog post.

In the past few days I’ve gotten some comments, critiques and “tips” I feel compelled to respond to here.

As of last Friday I weigh 375 pounds. I am only 5’4″. This means I am a LARGE person. YOU, my dear readers are not this size and shape (or maybe you are and I don’t know it?). You don’t know my body – and what I am or am not capable of. You’re not me – and I’m not you.

I understand the implications of putting myself out there like I have done with this public blog – but I think some people don’t realize the journey I’m on. I’m not losing 20 pounds- I’m trying to lose TWO HUNDRED. The tools you use for a long journey are not the same as ones you would use for a short trip. This isn’t something I can’t just fix with a month of good behavior.

I have gotten 3 “tips” on my workouts:

1. “You should be running. Never mind walking, just get out there and run.”

2. “Cardio, cardio, cardio – forget yoga, pilates, dancing, resistance workouts etc. Just get on the treadmill and bust it out!”

3. “I should be working out 2-3 hours every day. Nevermind an hour or less. Quantity!”

So, keeping in mind my size…do you HONESTLY think I could just get out there and RUN? Honestly? People! Not only would it be incredibly stressful on my knees/lungs…but getting that much mass moving in one direction ain’t easy. I used to joke the only time I could run was if I was being chased by a bear. Truthfully, I couldn’t run then…I would just hide and fucking hope for the best.

Running is out of the equation – for now. Yes, I would like to get up to jogging, then running. But, it’s all baby steps folks! I need to able to walk before I can jog and jog before I can run.

As for exercising 2-3 hours a day….I have a full-time job, hobbies and a life. Who has 3 hours a day to dedicate to exercise?! Seriously! I don’t live on the Biggest Loser ranch, remember? 😉

Right now I am carving out an hour a day to dedicate to exercise in some form. Walking, yoga, resistance workouts…something! I disagree that cardio is king, you need a good balance of things to keep you centered and moving in the right direction. I’m also going to need to switch it up regularly so I don’t get bored and give up.

Now, my last rant is food related.

Here is advice I’ve gotten from people regarding what I’m eating:

1. “You need more eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein. For breakfast you should do eggs or egg beaters and Greek yogurt – ditch the granola. ”

2.  “You mentioned eating 1400-1800 calories a day – that’s too high. You should cut back to 1000 – 1200.”

I am not full on lactose-intolerant, but I have to be careful with how much I have – and when. I can’t wake up and have coffee w/ skim milk, eggs and yogurt – I’ll be sick all day. I also can’t have milk in my cereal for breakfast almost ever. I can eat cereal – but it’s usually for snack or dinner. As for granola, it’s all natural, HFCS-free and tasty. I’m keeping it.

From everything I have read this is the calorie range I am eating is where I should be at. When I saw a personal trainer he had me eating between 1600 and 1800 calories. The “Biggest Loser” book even tells me that range is correct. (sidenote:  Just because I bitch about the overall model of the show doesn’t mean I don’t watch! At the core, the advice is good – and the trainers are smart, qualified people).

So, there’s my 2 cents on your questions/tips/etc. Have anything to say? Leave a comment or email me! I’m always open to your comments, even if I might not agree! 😉

Let’s end with a poll. I love seeing how you guys feel about my proposed question! 🙂


8 responses to ““You Don’t Know Me…”

  1. Memie says:

    You my dear know your body better than anyone else. I tried running and it hurt my knees so running is out. Walking, stationary bike and swimming are what I was recomended but I don’t own a swim suit and I prefer to keep my clothes on. 30 mins a day to 1 hour is what’s best according to my personal trainer and doctors alike. 1000 to 1200 is way too low an amount and you’ll just gain it back. Mind you this is all information from my nutritionist, doctors and personal trainer. 1,600 to 1,800 is perfect for you You are doing the right thing. If you cut down at least 500 calories off of what you ate prior too that should help you to lose weight…Hugs

  2. Curt says:

    You have to learn what works for you. Busybodies that tell you they know what is right are always wrong, even me. 😉

    Its good you’re doing this now because you want to and not because you’re sick and NEED to do this.

  3. You are definitely on the right track. Don’t listen to the haters. They’re just trying to make you feel bad about yourself. Do what’s right for your body, and keep adjusting that as your body adjusts. If you try too hard now, you’ll just injure yourself and ruin all the wonderful progress you’ve been making.

  4. Kelly says:

    I think as long as you mix it up and don’t get bored with the same old workout, you’ll be fine. Plus ‘they’ say (who the hell are “they” anyways?) that muscle confusion is a good thing, so keep mixin’ it up! Also don’t forget to count your time dancing! I don’t think being crazy about diet down to the calorie is good, you’ll make yourself insane. Obviously knowing where you should be is a good thing to be conscious of but if you go over where you think you should be just make up for it during your workouts. I”m so proud of you for sticking with it, sounds like you’ve got the right attitude!

  5. Badriya says:

    Well, I hate running, I hate cardio and never do either of them except when catching a bus is involved, or maybe saidi dancing, and I too do not have the leisure to work out multiple hours in a day, but I still lost weight–only you know what’s right for you. Some of those people might be genuinely trying to be helpful out of their own experience, others might be quoting “conventional” wisdom because they don’t know what else to say, but even the nicest people can put their feet in their mouths at times.

  6. Heatherqamar says:

    These people are totally ignorant – and totally wrong! Running can be very damaging to people, regardless of weight, unless they work up to it. Walking has been proven again and again to be the best form of exercise to lose and maintain weight loss! Toning is also going to help lose weight – builds muscle, hello? And anyone who has done serious yoga knows you burn calories! Small periods of regular exercise are now being considered preferable to giant chunks – it is the variation in heart rate that builds strength. And as you said, where the heck are you supposed to get time to work-out constantly? You are trying to get healthy – not win a contest or Miss Weightlifter of the year. Sure, you need to blend protein and carbos to keep that glycemic index in line, but there are plenty of options other than eggs. Calorie requirements? I tried doing the 1000 calorie a day thing and was working out 90 minutes a day and barely lost a thing – because I wasn’t eating enough for my weight! You only do that under a physicians direction! God – preaching to the choir here.

    You know what is right for you. You’ve done the research, you’ve figured out what works for you and you are sticking to it. I have all the respect in the world for you! You can’t stop living your life while doing this – you are creating a new way of living that you can sustain so when the weight is gone you can maintain all that hard work. Keep fighting the good fight – and rock that granola!

  7. Lisa Davis says:

    I agree with Badriya. I think that most people are trying to give you what they feel is good advice. That being said, trust and love yourself and your decisions about what you are doing…you’ll be making “alterations” all the time!!

    PS – about being chased by a bear…play dead!!! LOL

    • Denise Carr says:

      glad your not listening to people who think they know everything, running is very hard on the joints, and its not for everybody, do what you feel is best for you. try not to obsess, just go with the flow. relax, enjoy your youthfulness, !!!

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