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on September 10, 2010

Morning All!

We’re start off the day with good news:  since my weigh-in last Friday I have lost FIVE pounds! Hell to the YES! I’m back to 370 – and I can the 360’s on the horizon…! 😀

Now, my last post was pretty scandalous (and got a ton of hits!). I got some funny comments, some sweet comments, some encouraging comments…and a few shocking comments. I’d like to address the ones that shocked me.

Apparently, I am viewed as someone who is always “glass half-empty”, always “bitching and moaning” but not doing much to change my situation.

This really blew me away.

In life, I am ALWAYS an optimist. I am painfully optimistic, even in situations where I know I should throw the towel in and walk away. How could anyone think I was a pessimist?! It’s my blog, and I do bitch – but am I “Debbie Downer”? I really hope not.  If I am, please let me know – I’ll work on being more positive.

The other comment that shocked me was that I was “giving a lot of excuses, and not making a lot pf progress”. That is harsh to hear, but a fair assessment……up until this week! This week I kicked major ASS – and while I wasn’t planning on being “that guy”, I’m going to tell you all about it.

I made myself an excel sheet to keep track of calories, workouts and steps taken every day. I have 2 friends checking up on my progress (thanks ladies!) and it’s been a great way to stay accountable – even if it is to close friends that live in other states! 🙂

I decided last Friday I would commit to going for walks in the graveyard and walking more during the day. My goal is 10,000 steps a day by Oct 1st. It’s NOT going to be easy – I know 10,000 steps might not seem like much – but that’s 4 miles of walking a day.  During my daily life, I only average 3000 steps, so I’m adding in walks whenever possible  to try to reach my goal! Here’s my progress for the week:

it's super tiny, you have to click to blow it up!

I’m going to start including this in every Friday’s post along with my weigh-in. I like having something to hold me accountable for what I did…or didn’t do during the week. I guess you guys want to see what I’m doing too. So, there ya go! One friend said: I talk about my gym friends, my gym life, my gym classes, my bike rides, my shoes – EVERYTHING. I don’t care if someone doesn’t want to read about my shoes – they can drive on.” There ya have it folks. If you don’t care, you’re just here for the anecdotal stories, drive on and check the next post! 🙂

I only weigh in on Fridays – I flirted with the idea of doing what my old trainer recommended; weighing in everyday then taking an average at the end of the week. Thing is, on days when I am UP I will get insanely depressed. Not good for my mental focus. So, I’m not ready to do that yet.I know one of you is disappointed with this decision…keep reading.

This is my journey, and while I share it with you guys here and in person and on the phone; the decisions about my life are ultimately mine and I need to be happy with them. Therefore, I won’t do things like weighing myself every day and posting my weight ala Bridget Jones, and I won’t make my food journal public. I personally don’t feel like I need 200 people giving my their input on what I eat. ::shrug::  If you’re that curious, ask me and I might post more about my food.

On the agenda for my weekend; sadly some work (I’m teaching next week and need to prep), lots of walking and then on Sunday a *kickass* bellydance workshop w/ one of my dance idols, Miss Zoe Jakes. I big, red HEART her. She is an amazing dancer and teacher, plus I know I’ll work my butt off! 🙂

I also have to post my list of DVDs that need adoptions; and some pictures I’ve come across lately (once I scan them). You guys won’t believe how damn cute I was when I was little! OK…maybe you will. Haha!

Have a great weekend everyone!



One response to “Wwwwweigh-in!

  1. Marta says:

    CONGRATS!!! I am so proud of you….and Zoe Jakes?! Fun!!! Wish I were brave enough to take classes. I am a pussy when it comes to taking classes from people like that. Have SO MUCH FUN!!! 🙂 We want to see pics of you with the goddess herself *grin*

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