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Workout Ramblings….

on September 20, 2010

Two years ago I joined a gym near my house where my best friend Rachel goes. The gym is run by meatballs (my term for those guys with more muscles than brains), but it had a ton of equipment and a very low intimidation factor (both are key). I got my whole family to join (which was a huge feat!) and I even saw a personal trainer for about 6 months. I felt amazing. I was losing weight, gaining muscle and I felt STRONG. So what happened? I’m not entirely sure. Excuses mostly. It got cold, I got busy, blah blah blah. I stopped going.

Then I tried to move to LA (see Reflections for the gory details) – and I canceled my membership.

Up until 2 weeks ago I was hell-bent on “I don’t need a gym! I don’t need gym buddies! I can do this alone!”. Guess what? I was wrong. I need help, I need support and I need to get my ass back into the gym. So, I did! I rejoined last week.

I am a pack-rat and a half, so I had the progress sheet from my trainer tucked away in a notebook. I brought it with me, and attempted to do the workout I did in January 2008.


Legit. I have never sweat so much and at the same time been in such AGONY. Man….it was bad. I could barely walk by the time I got home! Haha.

But, it was GOOD. Now I know what I need to get back to – then exceed. I know I CAN do this, I just gotta keep working towards it. So, I made a gym schedule for myself – and I wanted to share it with you all. If I can incorporate the things I enjoy doing (yoga, bellydance, walking in the graveyard) with this plan and keep my eating on track – I’ll be seriously hot in a year. 😉

Here’s the workout:

When I was seeing my personal trainer I was able to complete the whole workout in under an hour. I was also able to either up my weights or up my weights every week – so by the end of our time together I was much stronger. I’m excited to get back to that point.

That workout will be 4 times a week, twice as “super sets” (do each exercise once then go back and do it all over again) and twice as “circuit sets” (do abs then legs twice each, cardio, switch  machines etc.).  The other 3 days I’d like to do a cardio focused workout (walking, bellydance drilling, riding the recumbent bike etc.). I think it seems totally do-able. 🙂

I’m sure as I go to the gym more I’ll have some stories. So far there’s already a fella I’ve dubbed “The Peacock”. He uses the fly machine, or the bicep curl 3 times total, then goes and admires his arms in the mirror for 10. This cycle goes on for at least 45 mins- an hour. Hysterical!


One response to “Workout Ramblings….

  1. Meg says:

    Nice! I’ve been going to the gym the past few months for my back mostly, but what the physical therapist gave me to do is pretty similar to this. I do 45 min. of cardio (elliptical), 10 min of stretching, and probably 20 min. of weight training at least 2x a week, but I shoot for 4 (twice during the week and then weekend mornings). Never thought I’d like the gym, but I actually do! Such great people watching and its motivating when others are working out around you and you feel like you accomplish something when you can go longer or lift more weight. My back does feel a little better and I like the added energy I have. Can’t say I’m losing weight very fast (not really paying much attention to diet), but I’m confident it’ll happen over time.

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