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Setting Goals

on September 30, 2010

So, my Oct 1st deadline is tomorrow, I’m *nervous* to see how I did meeting my goals! I set out to get up to 10,000 steps and hit 360. I know for sure I did not meet the step goal, my ped-e-odometer broke and I’m not sure I plan on replacing it. I’m shopping around for other options. I did get a TON of walking in, but I’m not sure I met the 10,000 steps goal. I had never used a pedometer before and I can see where they get a bad rap. If you’re not wearing pants with pockets, the one I bought was totally inefficient at counting steps.

The weight goal I am pretttty sure I met, we’ll see tomorrow. However, this month made me realize how fickle that scale can be! The week I did very little exercise-wise, I lost 5 pounds….the week I kicked my own ass, I lost 2! So, perhaps the scale isn’t the only tool I should be using (duh!). I’m planning to take measurements tomorrow ~ and I’ve also been turned on to this really cool progress report my BFF Jewels found.

So, I’ve been mulling about by Nov 1st goal – and I think it will be reaching 340 (which means a 20 pound loss provided I reach tomorrow’s goal of 360) and using the elliptical for 45 mins. The fitness part might sound stupid ~ but the elliptical is my arch-nemesis! I *cannot* go for more than a minute without freaking out and getting off. I know the machine is great because it works your whole body and is low-impact for your knees…but the motion scares me, I feel like I’m falling. So, I’d like to conquer that gym-fear sooner rather than later. I think the pattern will be to try staying on for 5 mins, then 10 etc. My friend Nate once told me “I can do *anything* for an hour” – and that mentality is brilliant.

The other things I thought about having for fitness goals were:  mastering the stair stepper (another machine that scares the bejesus outta me!), attempting to jog on the treadmill (not sure I’m ready for that) and trying a spin bike (also not sure my fat ass will fit on those little seats).

So, it’s poll time. Help me pick my November fitness goal, please!

My weight-loss might be too lofty (I have to average 5 pounds week), but I also have a clothing goal. I have these new jeans I am dying to wear. They’re dark rinse, wide leg trouser jeans that make my ass look smaller. What’s not to love?! Problem is, I currently cannot button them by about 3 inches!  So, by Nov. 1st I will be rocking them – and will post pictures to prove it! 😀


8 responses to “Setting Goals

  1. Dale Cruse says:

    What if you just step onto the elliptical trainer & stand there for a minute? Don’t move – just get your balance & trust that the equipment isn’t going to drop you to the ground. Only once you’re comfortable with that, consider moving your legs. Good luck!

  2. Good idea! I’ll give that a shot! Thanks 🙂

  3. Denise Carr says:

    Yes, those machine can be pretty intimidating, I get dizzy on them, cause I get panicky and think I will fall off, So, forget that Just walking lately, and eating less, and more active helps me, hang in there, its a lifestyle, to get used to for me anyway, up and down for years, you are doing a great job,!!!!!

  4. I voted for the elliptical because it’s the easiest goal to meet. Stair steppers are terrible for your knees, and spin class is a killer. Definitely work up to spin class, but start with the elliptical, and be sure to either bring distracting music to listen to, or get one in front of a television that’s playing something interesting. Distraction is your friend.

  5. Curt says:

    I’m on the road this week which is really tough since its hard to keep my eating under control so this week I’m endeavoring to not eat meat which will at least keep the fat out of my body…

    Fortunately I don’t have a car so I have to walk more.

  6. Kelly says:

    I’ve never used a pedometer but I did find this cool website that has phone apps so you can track your progress with distance/ time walking or running. Check it out:

    It may help you keep track of your workouts and as the months pass you can see a graphical chart of your progress.

  7. Caroline says:

    Yay! I love that you’re setting different goals, charting your progress in more ways than the scale!

    I understand! I’ve ended up in ridiculous moments with the stairstepper (not the escalator kind) when the steps didn’t have enough resistance and I ended up doing more of a pull up work out while my legs were all over the place. like a slapstick cartoon. I vote elliptical! One of the gym staff would be happy to guide you and give some reassurance I’m sure.

    I don’t know how quickly pounds are shed healthily but you sound a little unsure about the 20lb month. Be sure you’re setting challenging but attainable goals, I don’t want you to be too down on yourself if you fall a little behind. That said, no one wants easy goals either. So if you feel up to strive for it, go you!

  8. Good find Kell ~ but I sadly don’t have a smart phone! Maybe soon… 🙂

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