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Small Victories and Wearable Rewards

on October 14, 2010

So, what is the small victory I speak of? I have 2! Earlier this year I bought this super cute motorcycle jacket for fall. It didn’t fit. Not even close. But, I refused to return it. Not only did I get a killer deal, but it was hella cute…and I can’t pass up cute clothes! So, today I am thrilled to say it fits, and it looks more adorable on then it did on the mannequin!

Small victory #2 – I am not a super dressy-up person, but I have had a pair of black pants I have loved for years. Today I am sad (and happy) to say I can no longer wear them. They are just too big! I could get the waist taken in – but then the butt would be poofy and honestly, I need NO assistance in making my ass look bigger – it does just fine on it’s own. 😉 So, I think I see  dress-pant shopping in my future! Woo!

One of my work gf’s (Pam) said I should buy something new for every size I go down – I love that idea. I have clothes in my current size (26) all the way down to an 18 – but buying something new that symbolizes reaching that size will make it feel real. So, this weekend I will buy myself these:


Herringbone Gray Wide Leg Dressy Pants from Lane Bryant!


I have a mini goal in my mind of being 299 by my 29th birthday (Jan 30th) which would mean in 15 1/2 weeks I need to drop 41 pounds. That’s a mere 3 pounds a week – I can TOTALLY do that! So, if I achieve my mini-goal I think these would make an amazing birthday gift:



Ros Hommerson Women's Oregano Wide Calf Boots


Love. I seriously LOVE them. Now, the wide calf circumference is 16″ – my calves are currently 23″. That’s a 7 inch difference which may or may not be do-able. If not, those boots will still be on my wish list!It’s impossible to know how your body will slim down as you lose weight. The first time I joined WW I remember my upper body got small and my lower body stayed  big – I was like a weeble wobble. This time I seem to be losing pretty evenly but of course I’ve noticed it more on the smallest parts of my body (ankles, wrists, neck, shoulders). I wish it was possible to spot train!

Yestrerday I successfully got up, got to the gym and began my workout by 6am. I will never be a morning person, but exercising before work means the rest of the day is MINE. How cool is that? This morning I had a killer migraine so I skipped exercise (and eating) but hopefully I’ll be back to normal by lunch. Tonight I will do some bellydancing in preparation for dancing at Raks Spooki V on Sunday. The piece is very personal (and gothic! woah nelly!) and if I can convince a friend to video tape it, I will post it on my blog next week. 🙂


4 responses to “Small Victories and Wearable Rewards

  1. Kim Curran says:

    congrats I too have cloths in all sizes but it’s always fun to boy new. soemtimes by the time you get back to that size the clothes are outdated. keep going you’re doing great. I’m on the band wagon too. only lost 2.6 in three weeks but lost inches and fat weight I think some is muscle cause my clothes look better and I fell thinner. the scale lies don’t believe it.

  2. I’m an idiot….. 299 by 29 = 61 pounds, not 41 pounds! So, amend that to 3.9 pounds per week. Still do-able!!! 🙂

  3. Raks Spooki, love it! When I was going to Belly Dance classes, I had this dream that I would dance at the Halloween Hafla to Ouija Board, Ouija Board by Morrissey (but I didn’t stick with classes.) What song are you using to dance to?

    Have a great week!
    jenni (A fellow plus size blogger)

    • Hi Jenni!
      Raks Spooki was AMAZING! I’ll be posting a link to my performance as soon as get it. 🙂
      The song was my own mix of an Amon Tobin song, a Ginormous song and ended with a Pentaphobe song.
      Thanks for reading!

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