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Losing the Armor

on October 15, 2010

For six years I have had fake nails. First acrylics, then recently gel overlay. Somehow these fake nails helped me feel pretty. In my head, having highlighted hair, nicely done makeup and manicured nails (even if they were fake) made me more attractive….it helped hide my fat. Some people go baggy and big…I went pretty and put together.

Wednesday I decided to give up my fake nails. They’re costly – annoying when they break and all together a bit of a pain in the ass. Going “au natural” has made me wonder what other things I have held onto to help mask my insecurity over my weight. I’m not sure…but it’s worth pondering. Here are pictures of my pretty nails before and after.

Gel nails

Real nails sporting the Sephora OPI polish "Because I said so!"

It doesn’t look so bad polished…but it’s a big change for sure!

This weekend is jam-packed and once again I will need to schedule some  serious some workouts in if I want to stay on track. I am happy to say I got 3 workouts with weight-circuits and did 2 kickass cardio sessions this past week. I have also been on the elliptical for 7 whole minutes straight! Hooray! I still do not love the machine, but we’re making peace…. 🙂

So – you’re all dying to hear my weigh-in right? Yeah, I was too….until I stepped on the scale and it said 360. AGAIN. This is the 3rd week at this weight! I don’t understand how I could be working out this hard, eating the perfect number of calories and not losing weight?!?!?!

On the plus-side my clothes are noticeably baggy. My favorite dress pants are no longer wearable b/c they’re just too big ~ and my favorite jeans are loose. I feel like I’m losing inches but not poundage. I guess that’s possible right??  ::shrug::   I’m frustrated, I can’t lie. I think starting next week I need to publicize my food logs and have you all chime in if you see an issue that could be preventing me from dropping weight. I’m just at a bit of a loss.

My pal Alexis and I talked about the shitty side of weight-loss….like the times when you’re body doesn’t show the progress you know you’ve made. Today is one of those times.  I am visibly smaller – and yet that scale WILL NOT budge. (Asshole scale).

Onward and upwards – here’s to more success on the scale next week ~ and rocking more new pictures!


6 responses to “Losing the Armor

  1. Paul Pearman says:

    You are probably putting on muscle – that’s more dense than fat so you lose size but not weight. You will lose weight again soon.

  2. Badriya says:

    It is completely possible to lose inches but not pounds–muscle growth can keep the weight up, but muscle tone and loss of fat can pull the inches in. It’s too bad that scales can’t give us what proportion of weight amounts to what content…

  3. Memie says:

    Muscle weighs more how is your water intake? Your doing better than I am. Chin up

  4. Manuela says:

    Note #1: I went ‘natural’ a few years ago and even though it felt weird at first, I’m glad I did. I can do my own manicure for pennies and natural nails are in again anyway : ) I will admit that winter weather sucks because my nails get more brittle and break easier…oh well, just have to make sure to take my calcium supplement every day.

    Note #2: Can you get your BMI checked either at the doctors or the gym? Then you can see the difference in numbers when you put on muscle but don’t seem to lose any weight. Plus…try kicking up the cardio just a little with some interval training. Good Luck, you’re doing an awesome job!

  5. Kim Curran says:

    start taking your measurments I lost 2.6 pounds in three weeks and was disgusted but I lost more inches and my clothes fit better the scale lies don’t believe it and keep on going. it it possible you are not eating enough. If you are doing a ton of working out you may need more food. and change around what you eat and shock your metabolism into working again. have a big meal for breakfast and a small one at supper. try new recipes good luck you can do it. you are my inspiratation to keep going 🙂

  6. Jemileh says:

    One of the frustrating things about working out is that sometimes the scale doesn’t move, but that’s only superficial.

    Muscle weighs more than fat. So the scale stops moving because you are building muscle. The nice thing about this is that it also takes more calories to fuel muscle (which is why your cavewoman body likes to store the extra calories as fat instead of muscle) which means that it ultimately speeds up the weight loss.

    It’s also why your clothes are looser, because you are losing inches instead of weight.

    If you get overly frustrated at the scale, try doing your measurements instead. Or rely on how your clothes fit.

    Either way, you’re doing great!

    *grumbles to self, start heaving some poundage, Jemileh!*

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