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Weighty Decisions

on October 16, 2010

So after my third crappy weigh- in in a row (360….360….360!) I have made a decision. I will no longer be weighing in every week. Instead, I’m weighing in once a month – on the 1st. Since all of my goals revolve around the first of the month – my next weigh-in will be November 1st.

I’m sure some of you may not agree – but that’s OK. After yesterday’s let down I wanted to do nothing but eat cupcakes and burn my gym membership. It’s really heart-breaking to kick-ass all week and see no results on the scale. Yes, my clothes fit better. Yes, I FEEL and look smaller. But, dammit….those numbers are important to me! I don’t know why…and perhaps that’s something I should explore. Why do I care what the scale says if all signs point to weight loss? Is it because I feel like my work is only validated when that number shrinks?In school you’re only as good as your GPA. You learn at an early age that an A is nice, but knowing it was a 98 instead of a 92 makes it more nice. I wonder, are most overweight people overachievers like me? I give 110% to anything I do – even when I know I won’t necessarily get ahead. If I’m going to do something, it’s going to be to the BEST of my ability.

I think that’s why it’s so heart-wrenching to see no progress on the scale. I KNOW I am giving this 110% (ok….maybe 100%, I could give it more!) – and the scale is just looking at me and shrugging.  It’s making me obsessive. Regardless of why I am obsessed with the scale….I’m giving it a vacation. It’s staying in a cabinet in the bathroom until November 1st. I’ll be taking measurements every week, posting a few times a week of course and getting my butt to the gym as much as possible. But, I just can’t bear another bad weigh-in day.

I’m going to switch things up at the gym too. Instead of cardio or weights – I’ll do some intervals (thanks Manuela!) and I’m going to make my food diary public (some I swore I’d never do!).

Spark Food Tracker

As you can see, I already spent the morning emotionally eating at Starbucks (gah!!!) ….but I’ll make it up by making my lunch/dinner healthy and rocking bellydance class. I have plans that start in the early afternoon so I may or may not be able to get to the gym before I go … but I will definitely make it there tomorrow morning for an intense cardio/weights session before my show! Here’s to hoping my next public weigh-in finally shows some much-needed progress! 🙂


3 responses to “Weighty Decisions

  1. Nepenthe says:

    The food tracker helps me becausae sometimes once I write down the actual calories and fat in something, it makes me change my mind about eating it again. Like I always used to get these pretzel and hummus snacks at the caf – realized that while they fill me up like a snack, they have the calories of a full lunch!

  2. Curt says:

    I moved down to weighing myself “occasionally” because of getting stuck like you are. It seems to have worked and I honestly don’t care anymore.

    Maybe you need more numbers? Take a waist measurement and maybe one around the thigh and arm somewhere. Use a combination of the numbers to verify you’re getting where you need to be. Sometimes weight alone isn’t an accurate enough measurement.

  3. […] but first…I know I said back in Weighty Decisions that I wasn’t weighing in until Nov 1st…but I weighed in this morning. Guess what? I […]

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