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Without a Map

on October 25, 2010

The only place you can get without a map is lost.”

I heard that phrase while watching “‘Til Debt Do Us Part” and I found it true in both debt and weight-loss. Without a clear map of where you’re going, what you’re eating and when you’re working out….you’ll end up lost and off track.

I had been doing good about tracking my overall progress in Excel and sharing it with friends, but I have been doing poorly about setting daily goals and writing down every bite I take. I count calories, but I’m not recording what I eat. The calories aren’t as important as knowing the quality of food I’m taking in. Did I get my fruits and veggies? Have I had enough water? Am I balancing my meals?

It’s so easy to get derailed if you’re not mapping out your plan (pun intended!).

I went to the gym twice this weekend and made sure to plan out my circuits beforehand. Knowing that I need to do X/Y/Z makes me stick with it and not get sidetracked. I normally do full body workouts every time I go ~ but I read that some people recommend doing one day of lower body, one of upper etc. Any one else break up their workouts like this? Do you find that you get a better work-out by switching it up like this?

My BFF Jewels sent me a goal tracking sheet a few weeks back and I used it tonight. The premise is simple. Everyday take out a piece of paper (I’m using my paper journal) and draw four circles on the paper, and draw connecting arrows between them, going in the direction of 1 –> 2 –> 3 –> 4.

Circle 1 is your day. Circle 2 is your week. Circle 3 is this year. Circle 4 is your life.

Start with Circle 4 and work backwards.

For each circle, ask yourself two questions:

1. What do I want to happen here in this timeframe?

2. What do I need to do in this “circle” to make that happen?

It’s OK if this changes over time, obviously. The goal of this is to see, literally, how choices you make today have an impact down the road, and how a week is basically 7 x 1 “day” circles; a year is 365 repetitions of circles, and so forth.

So let’s say for example that Circle 4’s goal is “live a healthy lifestyle”.

What do you have to do to make that happen? You have to:

eat well
take care of yourself

What do you have to do in the next month (Circle 3) to make that happen?You have to:

make good food choices
exercise regularly

What do you have to do in Circle 2 to make that happen? You have to:

grocery shop
plan meals
schedule workouts

What do you have to do in Circle 1 to make that happen? You have to:

go to the grocery store after gym today at 6:30 pm
boil some eggs for breakfast, cut up some fruit
put 5 pm workout in your day timer
pack running shoes

See how the little things add up to the big things? But if you just say “eat healthy”, that doesn’t do you much good at all — unless you connect it to smaller, daily, even hourly goals.

So, I’m giving these circles a shot for a few weeks to see if I can help focus myself on the big picture more. So often I get caught up in the minute details; I need to step back and realign. 🙂


2 responses to “Without a Map

  1. I hope it works to get your focus!! I’ve been lacking in the focus department myself and THINK I may have it back, too soon to tell. I wish you well!

  2. […] this year then writing down what it will take to get there. This is all very similar to the Circles activity from a few months back (also from Jewels – thanks […]

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