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Hold The Milk….

on November 9, 2010

Morning All!

I can’t believe how many regular readers I have accumulated with this blog….I got several concerned emails yesterday about why I hadn’t posted! πŸ™‚

I was home sick with some serious stomach pains that have turned out to be an intolerance to lactose. I have never been BFF’s with milk – but lately I have been guilty of 2 Venti coffees a day (with skim milk) and a cup of cereal w/ skim milk during the day then a cup of hot chocolate w/ milk at night. All this lactose took its toll on me yesterday…and it wasn’t fun.

So, I’m not a big soy milk fan (I tried it again this morning, and the aftertaste is just “funny”)…what other options do I have for putting in coffee / on cereal? I’ve noticed the store has Rice Dream – anyone have strong opinions on this?

Over the weekend I went to the gym with my brother and played trainer. I set his machines, and recorded his workout on his sheet (he sees a trainer currently once every 2 weeks). He told me I was a slave-driver…and kicked his ass. πŸ™‚ That made me feel good! I kicked my own ass Sat and Sun with 2 new workouts I made. I liked them both. Sunday’s was MUCH harder – 3 mini-sets are so exhausting! I normally do 2 sets of all my weights. Kicking my brother’s ass and seeing him sweat made me consider doing personal training on a part-time basis a few years down the road. Once I’ve reached my goal weight and have maintained it for a while, I’d like to get certified and work on helping other obese people gain control of their lives. It’s HARD to do this on my own, but I’m in the right frame of mind. I think seeing both sides of the equation will make me more valuable.

P.S. – Absolute best new workout song ever…”Moneygrabber” by Fitz and the Tantrums. My brother turned me onto them and the song is SO catchy!!


9 responses to “Hold The Milk….

  1. ACL says:

    I don’t know what kind you tried, I usually get Hannafords Nature’s Way Organic Soy Milk. I only eat it on cereal and have never noticed an aftertaste. You have to make sure to get the Plain flavor, not vanilla (this is the reason I hate Soy Milk for years before realizing there was a Plain).

  2. Sara Graves says:

    Have you tried almond milk? I’m allergic to dairy myself and tried soy, rice, coconut, and almond alternatives. I like almond the best because it’s a good flavor substitute that doesn’t leave an aftertaste like soy does.

  3. Katrina says:

    So I’ve been allergic to milk my entire life (not lactose intolerant), so understand that to me, real milk tastes funny. But soy milk has been my standby forever, and I agree, some of it tastes downright awful. I love Silk soy milk–best taste and texture, for me. I haven’t had the best experience with rice milk.
    BUT. Almond milk. My god. You need to try it.
    It’s lower calorie than soy and tastes better. I only recently started it, so I’m still figuring out brands, but I love Silk Almond milk (try the Dark Chocolate–extra calcium, great taste), and I hear that Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze line is a favorite for many, and I’ve been liking it too.
    Not that you can be picky about the brands you get when you get a coffee, but you may want to switch to soy for your coffee shop indulgences.

  4. Cecilia says:

    I made the switch to soy milk about 5 years ago. I personally think that rice milk is too watery for my taste, and almond milk tasted even funnier. Did you try regular soy milk? You could always try the vanilla flavored ones, because they’re a bit sweeter πŸ™‚

    The thing is, I’ve read in places that almond or rice milk are the best choices because milk and soy are very mucus creating. But I’m fine with the soy milk..I’ll just be snotty πŸ™‚

  5. aslahan says:

    I ❀ Unsweetened Almond Breeze on cereal, and the Chocolate Almond Breeze tastes just like Yoohoo (possibly dangerous knowledge ). No advice for coffee, though – I’ve never found a decent sub for real milk in either coffee or tea…

  6. Kelly says:

    West Soy plain is pretty good, or if you have access to a Whole foods market, there store brand is pretty good. I agree that you may enjoy the taste of Almond milk better. Rice was too watery for my taste. If you do go with soy or rice, check the brand and make sure they are non-GMO. Some companies claim to be healthy but the soy is grown with GMO seeds which contain pesticides and potentially other nasty additives like hydrogenated oils, etc. Check out

  7. Alexis says:

    So I’m late on this post but first of all, try a bunch of different brands of soy milk – I can’t stand silk but LOVE other brands like Pearl and Wesoy- There are so many kinds of “milks” out there, rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk and coconut milk ( not the kind in the can… don’t drink that!)!

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