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Fighting the Urge to Hibernate!

on December 6, 2010

I have lived in New England my whole life,  and yet I hate winter. I love having all 4 seasons….I just wish winter could be the shortest. 🙂

As soon as the weather gets cold I find myself getting lazy – fighting the need to hibernate for the winter. I’m sleepier than usual, and hungrier too! Sometimes I wonder if we as a species were created to sleep through winter, like bears.  Imagine going to sleep right after Xmas (because I love seeing the tree light up and giving out presents) and not waking up until mid-March? Crazy! Now, I’d miss my birthday, and tons of fun events…it’s just so tempting to hide from the cold under 50 blankets and not come out until the temperatures are in the 50’s!

Winter isn’t just cold, it’s the season of colds and germs too. I have noticed an alarming number of sick people at the gym. I have a rule when it comes to going to the gym. If I’m just achy or I have some muscle soreness- I go. If I’m sneezing/coughing and a mess, I stay home. I personally don’t think it’s fair to spread my germs throughout the gym.  I wish other people had the same courtesy.

Aside from the things I am already doing: trying to up my iron intake, drinking lots of water, staying warm (I know being cold doesn’t lead to a cold – but every time I’ve been exposed to someone sick then I go outside with wet hair / run around my house in a tank top I end up sick. I assume my body can either fight off germs or keep me warm – not both.) – what else should I be doing? Should I be slathering on anti-bacterial? I’ve heard mixed things on using it. It kills germs, but it also kills bacteria your body needs. So, I’m not sure.

What measures do you guys take to stay healthy during cold and flu season?

How do you fight the urge to cuddle up by a fire and not come out until spring?


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