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10 Day “Diet” to Kick Cravings

on January 7, 2011

After confessing how hard of a time I’m having with cravings I got some excellent advice and have decided to try a new “diet”.  On the recommendations of my friends Jen and Tiana I am going to give the 10 days of dieting / 1 day of cheating diet a shot.

My plan is to go back to counting my calories for my 10 days “on” and keep them under 1,400 per day. I’m going to plan for oatmeal and bran muffins for breakfast, protein and veggies for lunch, fruit and cottage cheese for snacks and then more lean proteins/veggies for dinner. It won’ be a walk in the park – but that’s why I have my one day of cheating. On my cheat day I will let myself eat 2,000 calories.  Now, during the week I know I’m going to have cravings – so I plan to write them out in the same book I’m using to count calories.

I have a feeling that by the time my “cheat day” comes along I won’t want 90% of the things I’ve missed out on all week. Plus, seeing all the things I’ve craved and avoiding should be rewarding. Right? I think so!

I’ll let you guys know how happy I am about this by Wednesday! 😉

This weekend I’m planning 4 hardcore workouts and lots of cleaning. I like weekends without plans – no excuse NOT to get organized and get moving.

I’m making a “countdown” calendar as seen on “I Used To Be Fat” this weekend too. I’m counting down to my vacation in May (130 days roughly).  Seeing the days tick down should help keep me on track.  I have a drawer full of cute clothes that need to fit by May – and no reason I can’t rock them!

I know it can be dangerous to be put a time limit on weight-loss – and I’ve learned the hard way that things don’t happen when you want them to…but I think this could be a good challenge.

Do you guys work harder when you have a deadline?

I’m typically a procrastinator – waiting until the last possible minute to finish something. I think I can curb these bad habits by seeing my goal in black and white each day (in the form of that countdown – and this one I found for my work comp).

Oddly enough, this is my horoscope for today: AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Don’t say or do something that you will be sorry for later. Only you can decide what path to take to follow your dreams, hopes and wishes. Set goals and stick to them.


Speaking of horoscopes….my birthday (Jan 30th) is looming. I’m going to be 29. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes I feel panicky and sometimes I’m totally zen. I guess we’ll see as it gets closer.  In the end, it’s just a number, right?



6 responses to “10 Day “Diet” to Kick Cravings

  1. Alex S. says:

    I think you are doing unbelievably!!! So proud of and happy for you!
    I really like your 10 days on/1 day off idea…i may try that!
    also, have you ever seen the Fitnessista website? She is super-motivating and inspiring and you have to try her breafkast “cookie!” if you like oatmeal you’ll like this!!!
    good luck you’re doing awesome!

  2. Christine says:

    I think that a time limit definitely helps. I used my wedding as a motivator, and that “due date” doesn’t move, so you have to change your thinking to be focused around that. If you keep procrastinating your motivation/goals, you’ll miss that deadline. Don’t know if it would work for everyone, but I know it was great for me. I was only 3 lbs away from my goal, and I didn’t mind, as long as you feel great, and accomplished a lot, you win! Maybe it’s best to use it sparingly though, as another way to do a kick-start. I know my sister in law’s wedding will be another goal for me, and it’ll help keep me on track!

  3. M says:

    You might want to consider adding some complex carbs to your diet as well – rice, potatoes, etc really are good for you and surprisingly low in calories as long as you don’t add anything to them (I think a 1/2 cup of rice only has like 100 calories or something; small baked potato is about the same). Check out the glycemic index if you haven’t – there are a bunch of diets around it, but its basically what you outlined above but with some carbs for both lunch/dinner. For me, it helps me to feel more satisfied and so I’m not dying of starvation by my next meal or snack 🙂 Ask Mike if you want more details and good luck!

  4. jenn ski says:

    I lost a lot of weight doing the one day of cheating…but then it started to spill over on to the next day…left over pizza. Make sure all the food is gone at the end of the day.

    Currently I’m doing HMR with my husband, it’s a support group with shakes and entrees. I just can’t diet by myself anymore 😦

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