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Operation: Cankle Be Gone

on February 4, 2011

So, we’ve been hit by yet another storm here in New England. I’m sick of snow! I’m also sick of being stuck in the house. It’s so hard to not snack all day….the fridge is 10 feet away! Sigh. I’ve been trying hard to focus on vacation and being at my goal weight this year, but the weather gets in the way.

When I’m working from home all I want to do is snack, sleep, snack, sleep!

My good friend, and Photoshop expert Tyler made me this amazing collage to help keep me on track. I’ve set it as my background for all 4 computers – and it’s actually helping! I have to remember that I have vacation and a photoshoot with my best friend and the AMAZING Pixie Spindel coming up in May. Pixie is *the shit* if you will. Her photos rock, and that’s her on my college with the red hair! 🙂 In addition I have the Tufts woman 10K in October, and our charity event, Shimmies in March! I have so many amazing reasons to stay on track – I need to a visual reminder to keep them in the foreground!

Collage made by Tyler Schoonmaker - he rocks!

I’ve also begun what I have dubbed “Operation Cankle Be Gone“. For those of you who don’t know, a cankle = calf+ ankle joined together. I have had cankles for as long as I can remember and they are ruining my life. Oh sure I recognized how annoying they were when I couldn’t rock capris or pedal pushers during the summer – but this winter they have been especially annoying. I cannot find a single pair of winter boots to fit me. Sure they make wide calf…but not wide cankle! They don’t account for the portion of the population that has fat ankles too. 😦

So, my plan for ridding myself of cankles is lots of hardcore cardio – uphill “slogs” on the treadmill, wearing my Sketchers shape-ups and doing lots of ballet calf raises! Anyone have any other suggestions?

Since I love a visual:




I have these exact shoes…maybe this summer I can actually rock them?!



5 responses to “Operation: Cankle Be Gone

  1. Tiana says:

    Calf lifts maybe? I’ve done them before. They’re easy and they work! You can feel the burn in a very very short amount of time!

  2. Katrina says:

    You know, there really are too few exercises targeting the calves. Do you do balance exercises? Like plank? There are equivalent things for legs and ankles…usually they use a Bosu half-ball or a balance disk–do other exercises standing on that, and you’ll build up your ankle strength just adjusting constantly.
    Or…you could get a stretch band and point and flex your feet while pulling on it. Like this thing:

    Good tactic, having solid, reasonable goals spaced months apart. 🙂

  3. Sara Graves says:

    If you want to excersize your calves and ankles, do good old-fashioned releves. They’ll also improve your posture, strengthen your feet, and force you to lift out of your hips and lower abs.

  4. Badriya says:

    How about a wobble or balance board? I use one to strengthen my arches and ankles.

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