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Love Your Body (even if it’s just for today)

on February 14, 2011

February is National Body Acceptance Month and today is Valentine’s Day. What better day to post this entry?!

Despite always being overweight, most of my friends growing up were thin. In high school I had a friend who battled anorexic and bulimia, and I became intimately familiar with the diseases. At first I couldn’t understand how this beautiful, tiny girl could think she was fat. I weighed probably 250 at the time, and she was no more than 110. Yet, she said she would trade places with me in a heart-beat. It’s funny, you always assume everyone around you loves and accepts themselves unconditionally, and you’re the only one who hates your body. Turns out we all have things we hate about ourselves and sometimes, they consume us.

I wish I could tell you that my friend got help, and was living a wonderful life now. She’s not. We ran into each other a few years back and I saw she had the tell-tale broken blood vessels in her eye again and her skin was yellowed and sagging. I wanted to hug her and tell her she was amazing and could conquer this. But, it wasn’t my place. You can’t force someone to seek professional counseling. That being said, if you’re reading this and struggling with the same demons I encourage you to seek help.

Since high school I’ve had several friends who I would categorize as “slim” or “slender” tell me that they hate their bodies. It breaks my heart. How could someone who I think is perfect not love what they see in the mirror? I think so many things play a factor in how you feel about yourself that you never truly know what someone is going through (or has been through). I always forgave myself for hating my body because I was fat. Ha. Funny how you excuse away your own self-loathing huh?

So, I have a challenge for you dear readers. For today – I want you to post one thing you love about your body. Yes, I’m serious! In honor of Body Acceptance Month, we’re going to find one thing we love about ourselves, and share it. Don’t want to comment publicly? Use a fake name! Can’t figure out how to comment? Email me! I don’t want to hear that you love your laugh, or your sense of humor – I truly mean something about your body.

I’ll start.

I have two things I love about my body: my eyes and my hips. I have hazel/green/brown eyes, and I think they’re lovely. I used to despise my hips, they were wide and I could never buy pants to accommodate them and my waist simultaneously. Then I started bellydancing, and learned to love my pear shape. Shimmies look pretty on my big hips, who would have thought?!

One of the only pics I could find on my work comp that was semi-flattering. This is bellydancing @ Tribal Fest in Cali last May!




13 responses to “Love Your Body (even if it’s just for today)

  1. OK here goes.
    I love the fact that I have curves. They may be a little larger than I want…but they are curves none-the-less 🙂
    (Beautiful pic by the way!)

  2. Christine says:

    I love my freckles!

  3. Amy Smith says:

    Great post! I have a bumper sticker on my home office door that says “Change how you see, not how you look.” 😉

    I like three things about my body: its overall health (for which I’m very grateful!), my complexion, and my smile.

    And I second Phoenix’s comment on the photo. 🙂

  4. Cecilia says:

    yay!! I love this post!
    I love my lips, and I love my toes,
    I love my hair, and I love my curves 🙂

  5. sara says:

    my smile. : )

  6. Rochelle says:

    I love your eyes, too, with or without sparkles!

    My favorite is my eyes. They’re a pretty blue and I can make them “pop” depending on what I wear.

  7. Now that I know what to do with them, I love my long arms.

  8. Sara Graves says:

    I was blessed with a great set of gams. The booty’s none too shabby, either.

  9. Libby says:

    I, too, love my hips. And belly dancing has only affirmed how wonderful they are. Also, I love my nose. It’s interestingly shaped and I can do all sorts of tricks with it. Ha!

  10. Nina Holland says:

    I absolutely adored this post! Samantha, you’re such a great writer- I cannot wait until you get a book deal 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Anyways, I love my eyes! They are my favorite feature and since they’re light the contrast with my dark hair is striking. I also love my pear shape too! For so long I wanted to be straight up and down, but honesty after fighting it for so long, I’ve come to love my shape. So I’ll never be able to wear a pair of daisy dukes. . . that’s perfectly ok with me now. I’m healthy, so why not enjoy life and my body? 🙂 🙂

    And you totally have me wanting to pick up belly dancing!
    xx Nina

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