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Setbacks Happen….

on February 22, 2011

I recently heard this quote, and thought it was a good one to save:

“You have to have a setback to have a comeback….otherwise you just settle in your setback.”

I’ve had a 3-day weekend full of setback, and I think the quote is hitting home today. I only exercised once, despite having 5 million opportunities to workout. I went completely off plan and ate WAY over my points on both Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and I gained 2 pounds.

Now, 2 pounds isn’t horrible – I can recover. But, the emotional part of a setback is the killer. I question whether or not I can REALLY do this. Doubt creeps in and I have a mini-meltdown. Can I actually get under 300 points this year? Can I make my goal? Can I be successful with weight-loss? Am I just fooling myself into thinking I can succeed? Maybe I’m just one of those people who’s always supposed to struggle with weight?Maybe I’m not meant to be thinner? Maybe my body wasn’t designed to be thin??? Maybe I should throw in the towel?

It’s crazy. I know, but it’s the strange cycle my brain goes through. It makes me toss and turn at night and want to withdraw from my life and hide under the covers for weeks at a time.

But alas, it’s Tuesday and I had to work.Β  So, I could not hide in bed and avoid my failure of a weekend. I have to face it, and move forward.

This weekend was a setback, but in the scheme of things – setbacks happen. It’s easier to move forward when you see what you’ve learned from a bad situation, what you’d do differently next time, what you can do β€” if anything β€” to make it better now.

So, I can forgive myself for having a crappy weekend and going off plan. I can get extra cardio in all week, and I can do my best to hit my points target (or a little under) every day. Oh, and I can “get over and stay over it” like this article says.

So often I dwell on mistakes for days/weeks/months/years….I need to get over it, and stay over it. President’s Day weekend was a setback, but I’m on the brink of a comeback!Right?!

What do you guys do when you’ve strayed from your diet / plan? Any other tactics I should be employing here?



14 responses to “Setbacks Happen….

  1. Sharon says:

    I’m glad you wrote this entry because I know in the past you and I, whenever we’ve had setbacks, just stop talking about it all together. So you discussing it in this manner is already a huge jump! Great job!

    As with setbacks, I’m still figuring out how to come back at it. I just do it (sometimes immediately, sometimes not) and all those questions you’ve just asked? I ask it all the time. I’m still working towards an answer. But I mean, it can be done, right?

    I”m considering fat therapy. I need a fat therapist, I think I have to figure out psychological stuff to be successful.

  2. Denise says:

    Its not a setback its a lull, which is normal, and ok, everyday is new, keep the ball rolling. One year form now, you will be glad , you did. even next week, you will be glad you did.

  3. Hyetti says:

    Hi Samantha,
    It’s the MOST important thing to forgive yourself and move on. Who knows why you goofed? Rough weekend emotionally? Burnt out from work? Could be anything!
    Don’t let punishing yourself be a reason to quit! As my WW leader says, “You can’t change the past. You have today. Now, get back on that horse and ride to win”! It’s true. You can lose that 2 pounds this week! You ROCK it girl!!!

  4. Naomi says:

    Hi Samantha-

    Your challenge here sounds familiar. I know how freaking tough it is to work towards my own behavior change/life change goals. There are so many false starts & one of the hardest parts is staying strict with myself without beating myself up when I fall short. However, it’s also a process I’ve seen improving over the last few years of keeping at it and this has had a great impact that reverberates throughout my life. Hang in there! & thanks for sharing your experience (& the good quote)- it inspires the rest of us to stay strong and loving in our own personal battles.

  5. Curt says:

    Glad you mentioned this, I can now forgive myself for those Oreos (well Newman Os) I ate yesterday. Back on the wagon today!

  6. D James says:


    I totally agree here setbacks suck I’m in the exact same boat we need to motivate each other to stay on course.


  7. M says:

    I think this is why the 1 day of cheating thing never worked for me – the minute I cheat or skip a workout, it’s just a downhill slope. I actually had a similar weekend but I think mine may have been worse because I didn’t work out at all! I used plans with the family and work on the kitchen as my excuse not to do it and now I’m getting sick so likely isn’t going to happen this week either. On top of it, I made a fantastic Sunday dinner for the family including baked mac and cheese and prime rib….yeah…I can’t be trusted around such things. Oh well! I just tell myself that dinner w/ the family doesn’t happen often and I’m allowed to have a bad weekend here and there. Just trying to balance it out by at least eating well this week. And if this sore throat doesn’t turn into something more, getting my ass to the gym.

  8. Tiana says:

    I had a similar weekend. I was sabotaged by a late and overindulgent Valentines Day dinner, a 50th birthday pizza party, and a half full container of buttermilk that John moved me to make chicken fried steak with on Sunday night which of course was accompanied by biscuits and gravy. Damn. I felt like crap after that (and I could hear the few extra pounds that I put on mocking me from behind the waistband of my suddenly snug jeans). But that “ugh/ewh” feeling from a few days of being off track is enough to get me back on track. Use it as motivation to do better this week.

  9. Julie Anita says:

    The things that most make me stray from healthy eating, like tonight, are when I’m really upset about something or feel badly about myself. The times I get back on track are when I feel really good about myself and want to give myself the best. That’s when I go out of my way to drink vegetable juice (which I like) and cook more veggies and eat fruit instead of chocolate, but it’s also when I eat less because I don’t feel like I need the food to feel okay, since I already feel okay. It’s a pretty clear pattern for me πŸ™‚

  10. I’m glad I’m not alone ladies! Thanks for the comments, I feel much better! I’m back in the saddle and keeping this setback in perspective!

  11. Jennie V says:

    Setbacks are Kryptonite for the confidence…
    It’s ok to feel bad for about three minutes and then it’s time to move on and do better. There’s nothing you can do to take back what’s already done so just take that lesson with you and remind yourself of how this feels next time.
    Sharon, I actually participate in “Fat Therapy” (although, I would be shot if they heard me call it that) and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. But it’s definitely worth getting to the root of the issue.
    I highly recommend it to anyone that will listen!

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