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30 in 42! (subtitle: Viva Las Vegas!)

on February 24, 2011

I just found out I’m going to Vegas for work in April. I have 42 days and I intend to drop 30 pounds. Sound crazy? I can totally do it – and I promise it won’t involve a fast/anything cooky. I’ll just be exercising every single day (no excuses!), eating right and cutting out alcohol, sweets AND junk. My friend Jeff is currently in the middle of a “Lent” type thing – he’s given up meat or alcohol for 2 1/2 months. He’s done it in the past and it’s not so much about what he’s given up – it’s about proving he has the willpower to stick to it. I have done this before and I’m inspired by his dedication to do it again.

You might remember that last year in Vegas I had a shitty time w/ some jerks …. that is my driving force. I will still be fat in 42 days – but I won’t be at a place in my life where people like THAT are going to affect me. Period! I’ve changed so much inside – I’m going to make sure that shows on the outside too.

In a perfect world, I would do nothing but focus on being healthy for the next 42 days right? Well, this ain’t a perfect world and I have a life to live, haha. I have a fundraiser to co-host, 3 birthday parties to attend and friends coming to town for a visit at the end of March. But, I won’t let any of that deter me. I will pre-plan my meals, and if I have to go out to eat…I’ll make the healthiest choice possible (which might be eating before hand and just having a soup or salad with my friends).  If I want to make this work, I’m going to have to make sacrifices!

So, this post will serve as an open letter to all my beloved friends….if you want to see me for the next 2 months, I hope it’s to do something healthy. 🙂

Now, the day-to-day motivation for sticking to “The Vegas Plan”? Black, dressy boot-leg pants that are 1 size too small. I bought them 4 years ago…and have never worn them. I will wear them in Vegas. To make sure of it, I’m hanging them outside my armoire – so I see them as soon as I wake up. Next to it I hung a sign that says “42 days!” – it’s not quite the big calendar – but it’s perfect for now. So, I shouldn’t say I HAVE to lose 30 pounds necessarily – 25 might be enough for the pants to fit. But, I WILL wear those damn pants to the show!

Do you guys have any tips for me on staying on point? Any ways I can sneak extra exercise in?


2 responses to “30 in 42! (subtitle: Viva Las Vegas!)

  1. Libby says:

    oh you can SO do it! i don’t really have any suggestions except make sure that the friends you hang out with/go out with are on the same page and know that you have a goal in mind and are serious about it. friends are the best things on earth, but they can also be the worst influences haha!

    you’re gonna rock those pants 🙂

    i’m going to vegas too! next month. it’ll be my first time… should be interesting… hopefully it’s as sparkly as it seems 🙂

  2. Katrina says:

    Woo! You go girl! This post totally just motivated me to get back on track. I find the hardest thing is if I don’t plan out my meals or go to long between meals. Bad things happen when I do that, ha.

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