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New Jeans / Workout Fuel / Inspiration!

on March 30, 2011

I’m going to start this blog post off with some *breaking news*. I have officially gone down a size in jeans! I bought these fancy dark indigo “sailor jeans” last week and they arrived yesterday. They are a 24/tall (I know, I’m not tall…but sometimes I need the extra room for the booty!). Well, they fit! They’re too long (I know…because I’m not tall! haha) so they have to be hemmed. But, I am HELLA excited about this! The scale might not be my friend, but these new jeans are!

Cute huh? Once I get them hemmed I’ll snap a shot for my blog! 🙂

So, I’ve been bringing my iPod with me when I do cardio session and it’s currently “stuck” on one album (my iPod is possessed, the only way to unstick it is to let the battery drain. Weird right?). Anyways! The album is “Save Me San Francisco” by Train. Since I have become intimately familiar with it, I’ve fallen in love with a song that is fueling my workouts. “Words” has this line that just makes me push myself harder and farther each time I hear it:

Words, they’ll try to shake you
Don’t let them break you or stop your world from turning
When words keep you from feeling good
Use them as firewood and let them burn

Perfect right?! So, what words are you going to fuel your next workout with? Mine will be the phrase “always a fat chick”. I go through phases during my workout where I can’t get the idea that I might always be fat out of my head. Rather than dwell, I’m going to try using that as fuel for my workout fire!

I have been mulling around the internets for inspiration and came across a FB site for Amanda Arlauskas from Biggest Loser season 8 and DAYMN was I impressed by her! Check out her before and after pics I snagged:


amanda now


Not only is she gorgeous, but she looks so healthy! Her page mentions how much she still works out, and I was really inspired to keep trucking. 🙂

I’m about a week away from Vegas and I have mixed feeling. I’m excited to see work friends I haven’t seen in a year (especially a group of German from my company who I am totally infatuated with, I love their accents!). But, I’m disappointed to not have met my personal goal of being under 300. Maybe if I had worked harder during the winter I could have met that goal…but if’s and and’s don’t get you anywhere!  This weekend I have to go through my closet and pick out what I’m bringing. I hope fitting into some cute tops from a few years ago will boost my spirits!


6 responses to “New Jeans / Workout Fuel / Inspiration!

  1. Lisa Davis says:

    There is nothing like fitting into a pair of jeans to make you feel good! But conversely, there is nothing worse than having your jeans feel a bit snug! Why do we do this to ourselves? Snug jeans should just be an indicator that we need to be a bit more mindful of what we are eating, not that we are not worthy. Did I mention that my jeans are a little snug lately??? So I took my pups for a walk. I love your blog!! You motivate me! Thanks ☺

    PS. Have a wonderful trip!!

  2. Memie says:

    Love the jeans. And thanks for your blogs.

  3. Those jeans are totally sharp! I only recently started watching the biggest loser but you’re right, she looks great. I’m somewhat mad I didn’t do specific before and after photos. I don’t think I realized how different I might look. Heck, I thought I could get my clothes altered, so I was keeping my favorites. Then it dawned on me that you can’t go from a 32 to a 12 and get alterations. You might as well start with new material. Oh well… shopping can be nice. I hope you have fun in Vegas as that is one of my favoriate vacation spots. Enjoy!

  4. Jennie V says:

    Wowzers! I love me some before and after pics and this was GREAT! I LOVE the jeans you bought too! So cute! Can’t wait to see your hemmed version! I really love reading your blog and am always inspired! Keep it up!!

  5. Hi! It’s Amanda from BL! Just stumbled across this and think you’re so sweet for featuring me. My journey was an incredibly tough one, but so well worth it. You can do it!! Realize your self worth and go get it girl. All my love and support! Xo

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