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How Do You Take Your Coffee?

on April 1, 2011

I am a coffee addict, and have been for a long time. I don’t mind Dunks, but I love Starbucks. Love! A few months ago I got off the “Venti Iced Mocha” train when I realized how much sugar I was mindlessly consuming (40 grams for a “bitter” drink is INSANE). I switched to drinking plain iced coffee, or iced “red eye’s” (coffee w/ one shot of espresso). I tried skim milk in my coffee, and found it undrinkable. I tried 1%, 2% and whole milks but didn’t like the taste of any of those either. I finally settled on half+half with one limit: it had to be organic. Have you ever looked to see what it’s the milk/cream you add to your coffee?

I have seen someone at work who uses powdered cream/packets like this:

That seems like a super convenient option right? It stays in your purse/desk and never needs to be refrigerated. Yeah, there’s a reason….it’s filled with chemical nonsense! Check out the ingredients:


Not only is SUGAR the first ingredient (meaning it has the highest percentage), but why oh why is there VEGETABLE OIL in coffee creamer?!?! Yeck!! If you’re using this in your coffee, please stop now! 🙂

Next I checked out fat-free creams (I used to love the flavored ones years ago, but I don’t like the added corn syrup/sugar). I bought this one:

Low and behold, check out the ingredients:


WTF?! Why is there corn syrup in this cream too?!!? Sheesh!

Fast forward to last weekend where I found out Richardson’s dairy in Middleton sells bottles of half and half and milk! Amazing. This is from the cows, into a bottle.(Their ice cream and fro yo are amazing too and their slogan is “Cow to Cone!”). I was shocked to find out it was cheaper than half and half in the grocery store at $2.96 for a half-gallon. Since I’m sharing with a household it will last about 10 days. Good deal!

So, I am taking my coffee w/ organic half and half from Richardson’s and 2 sugars. Before you say it – let me justify my decision to have sugar in my coffee.

I have tried Truvia, the after taste is completely disgusting. It might come from a plant…but well, it still tastes like a plant! I’ve tried Stevia and even though I know it’s all-natural, there is something very “fake” tasting about it. I’ve also tried NutraSweet, Sweet & Low and Splenda. Out of the 3, Splenda has the best taste, but I still won’t use it. I have this thing (and I’m not doctor or expert as you guys know), but what is the long-term effect of using a chemical sweetener? Has there been any study done about how these sugar alcohols affect humans?

A quick Google search yielded the following:

Splenda is different from other sweeteners in that it claims to be ‘made from sugar,’ and ‘natural,’ because Splenda is the trade name for sucralose. Sucralose is a synthetic compound, which — without going into too much scientific detail –is basically sugar modified by adding chlorine atoms. Sucralose, incidentally, was discovered in the 1970s by researchers looking to create a new pesticide. Chlorine is added to many products – drinking water, for example – and does not necessarily render the product dangerous. On the other hand, you are ingesting chlorine, which is not advised in large amounts.

The results of the tests done by Splenda’s manufacturers, McNeil Nutritionals, are also quite worrisome. Their studies revealed that test rodents suffered from dangerous side effects such as shrunken thymus glands, and enlarged livers and kidneys … and there were only short-term studies. No long-term studies were performed before Splenda was approved by the FDA. One could say that the long-term study is being conducted in households and supermarkets across America, with consumers as the test rodents.

Now, call me crazy but I want caffeine not CHLORINE with my breakfast! So, I will continue using 2 sugars and maybe eventually I will be able to drink my coffee with just half + half. Until then, I’m perfectly OK with sugar in moderation.

Time for the coffee poll!


8 responses to “How Do You Take Your Coffee?

  1. Aleksie says:

    Try different flavors or blends of coffee… Some are much sweeter than others.

    When I lived in Chicago, there was this awesome independent coffee roaster from me. Made some of the best coffee I ever had. I’m still looking for something like that here in Boston.

    • Curt says:

      HEAR here! 😉
      Way too many people ingest way too much stuff without knowing what it is. In the words of Jimmy Buffett “I treat my body like a temple, you treat yours like a tent!”
      My body gets real food, real food includes sugar.

      BTW powdered non-dairy creamer is not only flammable its an excellent oxidizer meaning it will make other fires burn more energetically. Do you really want to be ingesting that?

  2. Cecilia says:

    I used to like my coffee extremely sweet – whole milk and tons of sugar. But I’ve always been kind of a wuss when it comes to coffee. Bill convinced me to forgo the sugar and just add more milk (now it’s soy milk). So, I fill my cup half-way with soy milk, then pour the coffee.

    But, whenever we’re in Maine visiting his dad and step-mom, we go for the raw milk in our coffee!! There’s nothing like farm-fresh milk!

    Also, if more people read the ingredients (I just did a post on ingredients, too!) on the labels, they’d be shocked at the crap they’re ingesting.

  3. I’ve trained myself to take a standard mug of coffee with just a single sugar packet and nothing else. It took some getting used to, but I’ve come to really enjoy it. Plus, it’s helped me disassociate “coffee” with “sweet” which means I won’t drink it simply because I want a treat.

  4. Jim says:

    I drink coffee because my wife does. I can live without it. I like tea and juice. I started drinking coffee while working at a restaurant, during my college years – but only when I worked. A cook there told me not to add sugar – that you don’t need it. So, I didn’t. When I worked as a roofer for a year, I would get a small Dunkies in the paper cup. It tasted better, even if someone added sugar to it. The art of roasting beans and making beverages is pretty amazing and chemical, by nature. Sugar is the frosting on this chemical cake. Why add more chemistry?

  5. Have you tried lowering your sugar intake little by little? I used to put 4 packs of sugar in my coffee… yeah, I said 4. Then I read something that said to start decreasing my amount to 3 1/2 for a few weeks, then try just 3, and so forth. I got down to 1 packet of raw sugar with a 16 ounce coffee with just an ounce or two of skim milk. My husband got down to black coffee, which still shocks me. Not that sugar has that many calories or as you stated is horrible for you if taken in moderation, if you want to save your sugar grams for something else, you might want to try reducing it in coffee a little at a time. Either way, cheers and drink up!

  6. […] beverage of choice is a Venti ice coffee w/ a cream and 2 sugars. More on my coffee choice here. Alternate tasty options: Skinny Iced Caramel Macchiato or Skinny Iced Caffee Mocha. (Skinny = skim […]

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