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Migraines and Reiki Masters

on April 5, 2011

Funny story before I blog today. Google celebrated the birth of the ice cream sundae on Sunday (which made me want to cheat and have one!). They even adjusted their Google doodle to reflect the celebration:

I once blogged about things I wish I was eating, and mentioned ice cream sundaes. As a result…my picture kept showing up in Google image searches Sunday and my # of blog hits went from an average of 200 a day up to 26,681! LOL! Priceless.

Now, onto the post!

So, I have been getting migraines for a while now (over a year?) and I can never seem to pin-point what causes them, or how to fix them. I have a little Excel sheet I write down details in – had I had coffee yet? Had I slept well? Had I eaten? What did I eat? (could there be a hidden allergy here somewhere?). Was I wearing contacts or glasses? (I’m super near-sighted so I must have one or the other on). So far my data tells me I get headaches more when I have contacts on and haven’t had coffee but that only happens 50% of the time. It’s frustrating to not know why I get these headaches and how to stop them.  I thought tracking the environmental factors would help – but it just left me more confused. Does anyone else suffer from frequent migraines and know what their trigger is? I’d love to chat!

Last night I caught up on my TV and found out “Ruby” is back on The Style Channel. I ranted about her once, but I got sucked back in pretty quick.  She once weighed 716 pounds and has successfully gotten down to 340 on her own – without surgery. That is amazing. She is a whiner (aren’t we all sometimes?) – but overall I like her. She has a “Women’s Fat Night” she hosts and it makes me wish I could host that kind of party here in Boston. I think I need more fat friends….or I need my friends who have weight issues to move closer! 😉

In the episode I watched, Ruby got Reiki done. I have some belly-friends who have talked about it, so I knew what it was (. But, I was floored by how powerful it is! Has anyone had it done? Did you feel like you were emotionally cleansed? My rational brain says there’s no way it could work….but the spontaneous side of me wants to give it a try!  I am in the category of people who reads their horoscope everyday, likes getting my Tarot done and believes in psychics; and yet I am skeptical when it comes to alternative medicine. Silly eh?

Totally off-topic – I have to pack for Vegas tonight. I decided to bring a pair of jeans that are on their last leg (literally!) – if they get ruined during set up I won’t care and can justify throwing them out (more room in my suitcase for presents!). Overall, I am confident that this year will be better than last. 🙂


12 responses to “Migraines and Reiki Masters

  1. Mark says:

    First, my wife does Reiki and I have had Reiki treatments on many occasions. It does work for many things. She also does Reflexology which works too. In addition, she does Tong Ren ( Which works too. It is all kind of the same thing to some degree. I made a DVD for Tom Tam that explains it and gives a demonstration.
    Second, I used to get migraines for years until I got it under control. The cause, I believe, was blood sugar related and stress related. When I was under stress my body did not process sugar well and I got a bad headache. (Very BAD sometimes). At the time I controlled them by, when the headache first started I would take two Excedrine and lie down for 20 mins to a half hour. This usually worked. Be careful not to take too many Excedrine, they can damage your liver.
    The reason they work is the caffine. (sp). Watch out for stress and watch out for sugar related things.
    Best Wishes, Mark

  2. M says:

    I get migraines on occasion and used to a lot when I was younger. Figured out it was lack of sleep and/or stress that trigger mine. I have to get at least 6 hours of sleep or its likely I will get one. The trick is to catch it early – mine tend to start in my neck so if I can take 2-3 Aleve right then and there (before it moves behind my eye) I can usually get it to go away. Of course, laying down in a dark room helps as well as caffeine. Odd that you’re only now just getting them – if you haven’t talked to your doctor, you should.

  3. Cecilia says:

    I used to get really bad headaches and migraines a lot in my early 20’s and usually around the time I would get my period. They stopped for a while, actually when I changed my diet. But in the past year, they’ve returned and I’m not really sure why 😦
    Last week when I got a migraine (started with light sensitivity), I knew that it was because my period was going to start soon. But I almost felt like it was because I had some really salty chips and salsa. That’s awesome that you’ve been keeping track like that! Extremely impressive 🙂

    Reiki is awesome!!! I’m all about the alternative medicine options, especially since I’ve seen so many ways that it’s helped others vs Western medicine ways. Last month, I was extremely sickly…and I ended up with a friend who is a Reiki Master. She worked on my head and I could feel the energy moving. She and I both could feel something stuck on my left side of my head. But when she was done, my throat didn’t hurt anymore! It was so great! I’m sure if I saw her several more times, my cold would have moved much quicker.

    I am also sure that our health reflects whatever emotional or mental things are going on for us. Sometimes, it’s very indicative of exactly what’s going on! The times when I would lose my voice, I would literally have faced a situation when I wasn’t able to speak up. This current cold that I’m facing which has my head all stuffed up is related to how I’m just feeling stuck with everything.

    It’s really interesting food for thought 🙂

  4. Amira says:

    Enjoy your trip to Vegas! Actually I am a devoted Ruby follower – it took me a while to get over the whining – it’s just the way she talks … but still….

    Actually the brand new episode on Sunday night hit me in a way that nothing else has in terms of setting me back OP. Her friend said she was sick and that the sickness is what makes her think she can do it on her own, and what fuels the denial about how much she is eating and how little she is exercising. I dunno… just struck a very deep chord in me. I have a feeling she will go nowhere with her weight this season to keep us hanging on till next…

    Also – I have had Reiki treatments – no where near as emotional as Ruby experienced it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.

    Again – enjoy your trip!

  5. Hyetti says:

    Samantha, do you eat nuts or nut butters? My hubby used to get horrible migraines, then I read that nuts can be a trigger. He had been eating a half- to a can at a time of snack nuts-peanuts, cashews,Brazils,hazels, while watching TV. Sure enough, he cut out the nuts, and the headaches all but went away!
    I’m a Reiki Master, have practiced on myself and others for fourteen years. Reiki is meant to address any aspect of healing someone, whether it is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. It can be sent through space and time (!YES!) to address old issues or help with anticipated ones. If you’re interested to learn more, e me!

  6. Heatherqamar says:

    My cousin has done Reiki on me when I’ve had a migraine and it helped, at least for a little while. I’ve been getting them since college – no real pattern that I’ve found – but when I start feeling the symptoms I try to take Excedrin (and now they have Excedrin MIgraine) right away and then, if possible, lie down in a dark, quiet space for about 20 minutes for maximum effect. If I’ve let the headache really get going I need to do one or two more doses of the Excedrin over time. It works better than the prescription stuff I used to use – it is amazing to suddenly feel the pressure lift and unknot form my brain! I would like to venture more into Reiki and would love to hear about your experience if you give it a shot!

    As for the weight loss thing – you know I’m a totally fat chick. I had given up years ago, sick of fighting all my medical issues (even my doctor had told me that weight loss was always going to be very difficult for my body), but my husband and I decided to try Weight Watchers at work. We had to commit to 17 weeks up front so we’re in for the long haul. We’ve only done one week and I was surprised that I lost 3.6 pounds (he lost 7.4!), but I still feel like that must be a fluke. It would be so much easier if I was just responsible for myself, but shopping for the family, trying to be frugal, and have food that is quick and easy to fix is really hellish. I can eat plenty of food, but I’m still hungry and frustrated and just wish I could eat like anyone else – or the way I’d like to. All of a sudden it seems like everywhere I look are things I can’t have (I know that WW says I can have them, but I do have to balance points – some things just aren’t worth the waste of points). The US is food crazy – everything is super-big, super sweet, and super easy. We sit at desks all day (from school through adulthood) and wonder why we are all getting bigger? The other day I heard a news story that says we are sitting ourselves to death – that even if you exercise for an hour day its the 6 hours of constant sitting that is hurting us in a variety of ways. It would be nice to discuss these things with other women facing the same challenges. It is something that is hard for anyone who doesn’t face the problem to understand.

    That being said, you are TOTALLY inspirational. You aren’t afraid to be be publicly accountable and taking ownership of the issue, and furthermore you have worked like crazy and been amazingly successful. I’m constantly in awe of your ongoing success. You ARE a glittering, gorgeous goddess, inside and out!


  7. aslahan says:

    I get migraines occasionally when I’m dehydrated – I’m supposed to get extra salt in my diet anyway, and I find I can head off or get rid of a migraine with some salt (1/8 to 1/4 tsp) and a big glass of water. My SO has found the salt trick helpful, too – if you google salt and migraines you find some interesting stuff.

  8. Jaylee says:

    hello darling!

    I got migraines for a long time because my wisdom teeth needed to come out. I also found that I clench, not grind, my teeth when I think hard or am stressed out. I will get intense sensitivity to light, sharp pain in localized areas of my head, pain in my sinuses, and swollen lymph nodes. Since my wisdom teeth came out in January, I haven’t had nearly as much of a problem with the clenching and headaches. If oral health couldn’t be the problem, then dehydration or sinus issues could trigger it. It messes with your balance and equilibrium. One of the fabulous ladies associated with Vadalna gets chronic migraines, I can give you a name in private if you want to speak to her about it. She could be a very good resource.

    I hope they go away and you feel better!


  9. […] update to my migraine post- I think I may have found part of the culprit! I looked closely at my food journal and chatted w/ my […]

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