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What Happens in Vegas….

on April 19, 2011

sunset from my hotel window

….doesn’t stay in Vegas! I adopted a few healthy habits and I brought them home. I know, who goes to the land of opulence and excess and adopts healthy habits, right?! Me! 🙂

I arrived Thursday night and immediately had to get into “work mode” planning my Fri / Sat / Sun. I would be at the convention center setting up gear, working on my demo and generally just helping where I could from 9ish until 6ish each day. This meant lots of walking, so sneakers were a necessity. I love flip-flops more than words, but they’re just NOT good for your feet. In addition to proper footwear, I had to plan my meals. I didn’t have a car, and there were very few food vendors opened at the show during the set-up time. So, I had to have water, healthy snacks (bananas, granola bars, yogurts etc.) at the ready. I was proud of my pre-planning skills!

My brother lent me his fancy new iPod and it has a pedometer built-in, so I brought it along for set-up. I figured I would be clocking quite a few steps and it would be worth tracking. Boy was it ever! By the end of Thursday the 14th, I had walked a total of 12 miles.  No lie. 12 miles in 7 days. INSANE right?! I was surprised, and proud of myself. Last year I couldn’t have done that!I am 60 pounds lighter than I was this time last year and by next year I hope to be down another 100 pounds. It’s amazing what a difference weight-loss makes in your stamina! I was tired, but my complaining was at a minimal. Haha.

As far as the event itself, it was amazing. I got to meet a ton of customers and see friends and co-workers from all across the globe; I made new friends, and was generally pleased with how well the week went off.  I did not have a repeat of last year. Woo!

I had finished “my Lent” (since actual Lent has not yet ended) and allowed myself drinks and dessert. One big thing that switched in my mentality was my intention. One night I had crème brûlée (my MOST FAVORITE dessert) because I knew full well that the restaurant had it, and it was divine. That was the only night I had dessert (crazy right???). I drank 3 times and all 3 were planned nights of drinking. Once I had white wine, once I had lemon drop martinis of amazingness and once I had champagne cocktails (Craftsteak – you make a tasty cocktail, and even tastier short-ribs! Yum). I never drank just  to get drunk and I am happy to say that I while I had some decadent meals, I did a good job of balancing them with healthier options and lots of water during the day. I was eating with intention. This is a first for me!

I realized while I was traveling that just because I was away from home wasn’t an excuse to go crazy. I did some yoga/Pilates a few mornings before the show to chill me out, I walked my butt off and I generally tried to keep myself on track whenever possible. I came home feeling good! That is a first. I’m pretty sure I will be pleasantly surprised at my weigh-in this weekend too.

I have 30 days until I leave for San Fran/Santa Rosa for vacation. I’m going to try to get in 20 amazing workouts, and 5 cardio sessions. That would be awesome, and would set me up for success while away! Oh, and I’m going back to no alcohol until vacation.  It’s a nice reminder that just because you go out to eat doesn’t mean every meal has to be a celebration.  I can’t guarantee I won’t have dessert in those 30 days….but I’ll try! 🙂

Last but not least, I found the most AMAZING snack. Wholly Guacamole 100-calorie packs! I have a slight addiction to guacamole (but I can never seem to make it taste good at home!). I saw these packs on Biggest Loser a few weeks ago and then to my surprise, my Target had them in stock! They are AMAZING. Anyone else tried them?


2 responses to “What Happens in Vegas….

  1. So glad to hear such wonderful news about your trip. I love how you said eat with intention. Even when you plan to “cheat” or overdo it a bit I think it is important to have an intention (or plan in place) and follow the plan. You are more likely to not go overboard. Congrats!!!

  2. Cecilia says:

    You ROCK Sam!!!!!!! I’ve missed your blog posts…so I’m selfishly glad you’re back 🙂

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