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Slow and Steady…

on April 22, 2011

…wins the race!


The day before I left for Vegas (Weds April 6th), I weighed 324. I was so annoyed. I had worked REALLY hard and I was not seeing results. When I got home from Vegas I was exhausted and bloated from traveling, so I gave myself a free pass to hold off on the weigh-in until today. Well, to my AMAZEMENT I am down 10 pounds! Today I weigh 314. FUCK YES! I’m just in shock!

I have realized that as much as I HATE admitting it, slow and steady really does win the race.  I am *really* close to being under 300 pounds. It’s taken longer than I anticipated, but I have kept it off and continued to progress. In the end the goal isn’t just to lose weight, it’s to keep it off forever. I think the changes I’ve made and continue to make will lead to success in the future, which makes me super happy! The last time I was 314 was September of 2005. I know because I got my gall bladder out in an emergency surgery and I had to be weighed before I could get anesthesia. I was sad I was back in the 300’s and it just went up from there….

On the docket for this weekend is LOTS of exercise. I only gymmed twice this week, so I need to get back in the swing. Easter Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous so I think a family walk might be in order.  I am really amped up to take advantage of the nice weather but New England + Mother Nature are currently at odd’s and it’s still in the 40’s/50’s and chilly!  According to that won’t be changing soon either:

Can I trade my rain for a side of sunshine? 😉   Ok Ok…I should just be thankful it’s not snowing anymore!

So, once the weather does catch up and remember that it’s spring, I am going for “slogging” cardio sessions. I have exactly 5 1/2 months until my 10K and plan to “slog” 2-3 5K’s before then! I am going to learn to love cardio if it kills me (hypothetically of course, I wouldn’t actually want to die running!).

Someone just asked if I was worried about Easter dinner and cheating – I figured I should add that into this post. I have a small family, so I can completely control what I eat. It’s not a “Big Fat Greek Wedding” scenario where food is thrown around and family members are pushing you to eat. We already picked our menu (ham, baked potatoes, salad and asparagus) and I won’t be tempted to go crazy. Oh, and the gym is opened! So, we’ll get a gym session in before Easter lunch then go for a nice walk after if the weather cooperates. 🙂 This goes without saying but Easter candy is completely off-limits. I know if I see it, I will eat it ALL so it’s better to just not have it in the house.

Happy Easter everyone!


7 responses to “Slow and Steady…

  1. Sandy says:

    I’m so proud of you!

  2. CONGRATS!!! Thanks also for the walking on Easter idea. My family never gets dinner ready on time and we always sit there waiting until everyone is there before we eat. If that happens this time, I think I’ll take a nice walk prior to dinner. I’m doing my normal workout that day but it never hurts to get in more. Great idea, thanks! Happy Easter

  3. Melodie Pharms says:

    Yah! Good on you! 🙂
    I can not agree with you more about slow and steady wins the
    weight loss race. I bought myself a turtle ring to use as a reminder
    of that.

  4. Memie says:


  5. […] weigh-in again until after my trip and I am hopeful that I’ll be closer to getting under 300. Slow and steady baby, slow and […]

  6. […] it. I am losing slowly and have had a few plateaus. Despite wanting to lose quicker I know that slow and steady wins the race. I also know that on “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss” they have skin surgery at 9 […]

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