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on May 10, 2011

Pop quiz time!

311 is….

A. A cool rock band from Nebraska that was huge during the 90’s and had hit songs such as “All Mixed Up” and “Amber”.

B. The non-emergency number for NYC

C. The weight I have been stuck at for longer than I care to remember.

D. All of the above.

If you guessed D, you’re correct! Once again, I am back at 311. I feel like there’s something blocking me from getting lower…and I can’t figure it out. It must be mental, because I have been doing great at the gym (going nearly every day and getting in good workouts). My diet hasn’t fluxed too much…and I have been cutting out coffee at night as much as possible to prevent headaches. What the heck am I doing wrong?!

(I wrote that last night and this morning I think I figured it out)

I have been stressing lately and when I’m stressed, I eat. When I stress eat I forget to write down what I’ve eaten! A quick mental tally and I am over my daily allowance by about 500-700 calories a day. EEP! So, I pulled out the ole food tracker and I’m back in the saddle.I hate writing down what I’ve eaten – but I know it’s a necessary evil!

This set back got me thinking about Courtney from Biggest Loser. She was my absolute favorite contestant in the history of the show. Sweet, funny and so POSITIVE all the time! Honestly, it was almost annoying how optimistic this girl was, haha. Well, she got stuck in a rut and ended up being sent home. The contestants are still vying for an at-home prize, so they aren’t allowed to do camera interviews, but I read in OK! magazine that she was doing AMAZING and can’t wait for the finale. She said the secret to her success is to just keep fighting. A blip from the interview can be found here. Here’s Courtney’s before and after. I’m printing them out and sticking them on my fridge!

Courtney Crozier was once 435 lbs. She and Mom Marci were contestants on the BL.

Courtney has lost 230 lbs since she first started her journey at a weight of 435 lbs. (Photo: Marc Royce)

I love this girl so much – and I swear, looking at her inspires me to get my shit together! 🙂  Together Marci and Courtney have lost 310 pounds….that’s me minus 1 pound! Wow. Just wow!

I leave for Cali for vacation in a week. I’m excited. I have 12 hours of bellydancing classes planned – which means a TON of cardio, woo! Our hotel has a pool (swimming!), a full gym (good workouts!) and a hot tub (recovery!). I’m really excited. Oh and we have our photoshoot with Pixie!! Since that post I’ve gone down 1 pants size and about 30 pounds. Not bad, but I could have done better. That being said, I fit into the pants I REALLY wanted to wear for my photoshoot with her! YAY! So, there’s a silver lining to every cloud. 🙂

I have been thinking about some good challenges to get me under 300. When I get back I am starting a strict low-sodium regimen (right now I am eating WAY too much salt..and I have the bloated feet to prove it!). I’m also going to try to hit 1 hour of exercise (any form) every day. I will be seeing my BFF Julie in NYC for July 4th weekend.  That will be 5 weeks from my first day back in Boston – I think I can get to 290 in 5 weeks (21 pounds) and when I do, I will be as small as I was in college when we met! Woo! How’s that for motivation?! Of course, in college I had the worst hair everrrr, thankfully that’s been rectified!

Picture proof:

2004 - worst hair EVER!

I still have another weigh-in Friday and I have my fingers crossed for a number other than 311!!


3 responses to “311

  1. Jim Leber says:

    Don’t you stop BeLeberin’!
    You are a beautiful, fun, loving, sweet amazing woman.
    Justin was just mentioned how he missed you!
    Although we live in California, that doesn’t mean you are far from our thoughts. Keep positive, stay focused, and absolutely believe you will make it across the finish line. I for one completely BeLEBER in you.
    Love JIM LEBER

  2. Katrina says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for your Friday weigh in! Lots of positive think thin vibes headed your way girl!

  3. Yeah, I had a few numbers myself that I was stuck on. Hang in there as you know you’ll get there in time. What do they say about a watched pot? You’ll eventually notice you’re not only past that number but skip oh so many more. Good luck at weigh in!!!

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