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August Challenge with Arthur

on June 3, 2011

I wrote in my personal journal last night that I needed to find a summer challenge. Something to keep me on track losing weight and FINALLY get under 300. If you’re sick of reading about my quest to hit 299, imagine how sick of living it I am! 😉

Low and behold, I found an awesome challenge this morning on Facebook! Arthur Wornum from last season of the Biggest Loser is having an August Challenge. Woo! You can watch his video all about it here and check out his before and after pic:

He says he still has another 100 pounds to lose, and he has committed to losing 50 by August 31st.On the show he was really an inspiration – he had lost 100 pounds on his own prior to coming on the show. How awesome is that?!

I am joining him, and committing to losing 70 pounds by August 31. That would put me at 245. I don’t think I’ve been that size since freshman year of high school. Wow! So, what am I going to do to get there?

I like my new workout plan, but I’d also really like to try a bootcamp class. I’m exploring options near me now. Anyone have a program they’ve attended that is run in the suburbs of Boston?

My eating has been good, though I do need to be more consistent about logging my food. I need to explore food trackers for the BlackBerry this weekend. I’m lazy, I’d rather write in my phone then carry a book around with me.

Weigh-ins – I’m still not weighing in for the month of June. I just can’t get on the scale and be disappointed. Oh, maybe I’ll weigh-in and have someone else record my weight? That could work. That way I am still weighing in, but I don’t need to emotional reaction of seeing the number on the scale.

Anyone out there want to join me for the August challenge? Come on, it will be fun! 🙂



3 responses to “August Challenge with Arthur

  1. Cecilia says:

    yes yes yes!!! bootcamp bootcamp bootcamp!!!
    I’m sure that you can find a local gym that is running a bootcamp-like program. There’s so many of them and now that it’s nicer out, more gyms will be doing these kinds of programs. I would encourage you to find one that does some stretching in the beginning, but lets you do some stretching on your own after the class…maximum workout in that hour! I kid you not, it sucks to wake up early..but I prefer to wake up early and be done with my workouts for the day! 🙂
    Obviously, I’m hooked on the bootcamp…and I get to be outside!! It’s always been nice when the sun comes up with us 🙂

  2. Ash&Nate says:

    Ok, put me in for 20 lbs by August 31. I need to drop some post-baby weight, and once I’m cleared for exercise (6 weeks PP next week), I’m gonna hit the ground running, quite literally.

  3. […] hoping to be down another 30 pounds by August 31st for my Arthur Challenge and won’t weigh-in gain until then. Meeting my goal would mean I would weigh 269. I […]

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