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Resolution Alignment

on June 6, 2011

Someone mentioned this weekend at the gym that she had forgotten what her resolutions were. I forgot mine too. So, I think 6 months in is a good time to revisit. Am I living up to the expectations I had for this year?

In this post I outlined 5 things I would be working towards this year. Let’s see how I’ve done! My current status in blue.

1. Take more pictures. When I look back at 2010, I don’t have many pictures of all the fun times I experienced! This year my Nikon Cool Pix will be coming everywhere with me. :)

Eh, I’d say I’m a C+ on this. I take lots of pics, I just forget to post them! I need to buy a USB SD card converter for my desk so I remember to upload them!

2. Make “random acts of kindness” a weekly goal. Do something randomly nice for no reason at all. I started this a while back with buying coffee for the car behind me at the Starbucks drive-thru. Small, but it makes a difference in someone’s day.

I have admittedly fallen off this. I need to get back on the ball!

3. Do one thing each month that is completely new and exciting. Maybe it’s taking cooking classes, maybe it’s slogging (slow jogging) – whatever it is, I want to conquer one new adventure each month and post pictures about it here!

Hmmmm. I’d have to say fail. I can’t think of the last new, exciting thing I did! I’ll fix that this month for sure. My new, exciting June thing will be going on a hike in nature.

4. Continue working towards my weight-loss goal, and blogging about my progress. I’m loving the process of talking about what I experience – it makes it seem more “real”. Like last month when I only lost 8 pounds – it helped to post about it and hear that I wasn’t alone! In 2011 I will post more religiously and include more pictures! :D

I have posted a lot this year, which makes me happy. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, which makes me sad. But, this is a journey and sometimes there are bumps along the way.

5. Let go of my baggage. Not sure how much I can really elaborate – basically I need a life/emotional/spiritual cleansing to begin my year.

I didn’t get to working on this until Amy Sigil and Unmata’s “Static” workshop at Tribal Fest, but it was amazing. I feel ready to tackle my life without shit that used to bog me down. I recently told my brother all about the workshop (it was focused on art and being an artist without all the static noise from external and internal sources). He could relate what I learned to his music and we could both relate it to life and weight-loss.

So, all in all I’d give myself a C+. I have made strides in some areas and fallen off the wagon in others. I’m going to work on realigning myself with my intended goals this week.

How are you guys doing on your resolutions?

Are you finding it easier to eat healthy now that summer has arrived? I know I am! This weekend I had some amazing strawberries on more than one occasion (breakfast, snack, dessert…I love berries). I really wish I lived someplace where amazing produce was in season all year-long! Oh, I had grilled corn too. Who knew corn could be so amazing on the grill?! Not me.

mmmm strawberries!

grilled corn = perfection!

What kind of seasonal fruits and veggies are you guys enjoying?


4 responses to “Resolution Alignment

  1. Jim Baab says:

    Berries are awesome! I finally got our strawberry plants out if the pots and into their own garden – caged, due to the free range robins on the hill. I love wild blueberries, raspberries and blackberries from my Mom & Dad’s property in NH. D-Lish! Did you soak the corn and grill them in their husks? If not, you gotta try that! On the resolution front – I try to do New Day’s Resolutions without thinking about it… what did I do yesterday… what can I do today… My goals have always been like tossing a grenade in front of yourself and then throwing yourself on it. Close proximity, very urgent. Not very long-term, but repeatedly fun if you like throwing your whole self at things, especially, things you’ve never done before.

  2. Good luck with it all and go for it!

  3. I’ll be overloaded with veggies soon when our CSA starts next week. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying the cheap strawberries and blueberries that are showing up in the grocery store.

  4. Katrina says:

    I should probably check up on my resolutions as well. I can’t remember them at all!

    I LOVE this time of year because it’s so much easier to eat well! Grilled food, fruits and veggies, more outdoor exercise…amazing. I’m all about the strawberries right now! And melons – watermelon and cantaloupe are my faves!

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