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Write it Down, Make it Happen

on June 15, 2011

I save inspirational quotes I find online for a rainy day, like today (not actually raining…quite sunny, but you catch my drift). Here are today’s gems:


“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. There’s not such thing as life in-between.”
~ Pat Riley

Love them both! This is my life and I’m going to do the best I can every day to work towards happiness and healthiness. Is that a word? Well it is now. As for committing, that quote is absolutely right on. I blogged on Monday that I was going to stick to a schedule for the week of exercising and eating. I’m really pleased to report that not only am I sticking to it – but I’m doing MORE than I committed to! Yesterday I worked from home because I woke up with a migraine. I decided that going to the gym on lunch couldn’t hurt – so I did. I busted out 35 mins of circuits that left me exhausted. Nice! Last night my bro and I went to the gym again and I did cardio along with a dumb-bell routine I got from Bob Harper. Today I am HELLA sore….but I don’t care. It’s good sore. It’s the delicious “I worked my muscles so hard they are still crying” feeling!

I’m going back to the gym tonight for some biking and then some drilling at home with my beloved Zoe Jakes DVD(Although if the weather is nice after work I may opt for a walk in the grave yard instead). I’m feeling much more motivated and ready to kick ass lately and I think it’s because I made a date with myself. I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish each day, and if I don’t do it I only have myself to blame. There’s something very powerful about accepting your involvement in your fate.  So often in my past I have idly stood by and said “Oh I guess I can’t lose weight…I guess this isn’t working”. That’s bullshit and we both know it. If I want this (and I do!) then I have to work for it, every single day.

My BFF Jewels mentioned a book awhile back called “Write it Down, Make it Happen“, I read it and enjoyed it but I didn’t ever implement it into my life. Now I am (without realizing it!). I wrote down my goals and I am working towards them each day. I’m applying this to my professional life too. Writing down what I want to accomplish this year then writing down what it will take to get there. This is all very similar to the Circles activity from a few months back (also from Jewels – thanks girl!).

Are you guys writing down what you want? Do you know how to get there?


3 responses to “Write it Down, Make it Happen

  1. agirlsvoice says:

    Great Post and Good Luck with all you goals!

  2. jobo says:

    Great post!! I LOVE quotes like this and had been doing a ‘quote Friday” with inspirations for the week. Maybe I’ll get back to that so I can write it down and make it happen 🙂 great idea!

  3. OMG, as I just finished writing a blog a few days ago with a couple of motivational quotes to me. I haven’t posted it yet and likley won’t for a bit as I have others I want to post. It’s amazing sometimes how in the weight loss battle that many people find comfort in the same type of things. I’ve also begun an interest in self-help/motivational books. The more I read about positive and uplifting points of views/actions, etc., the more I want to create my own. Great post!

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