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Amanda’s Amazing Weight-loss

on June 17, 2011

Every so often I will catch a story or a picture posted by Bob Harper on FB and think “That person kicks ass!”. Amanda was the last person who caught me as “kickass” and I had to message her. Low and behold, she lives in Mass too! Small world man. πŸ™‚

Here’s the picture and paragraph Bob posted:

November 22, 2010- My name is Amanda. I used to weigh over 400 pounds. I went vegan in June of 2008, and shortly after, starting going to the gym 5-6 days a week. I have now lost 159lbs! I feel fantastic, and I am not done with my journey, but I am getting there fast! I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me! I enjoy doing The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD, as well as countless others. You are a true inspiration! Thank you!

I got a chance to email with her about her AMAZING weight-loss (201 pounds people! She’s lost a linebacker!)Β  and wanted to share her story and her before and after pictures with you guys. This girl is FIERCE! My questions are bold, italics and her answers are in normal font. Check out her website for Vegan eats around Mass!

Were you heavy as a child?Β  Yes, I started getting chubby around the 5th grade.

Had you tried to lose weight before? Oh yes! I was on the low carb diet the longest..epic fail. I lost 70 pounds one time..then gained 150. Crazy!

What was your breaking point? I had so many…breaking chairs..not fitting into chairs..not being able to walk..not living my life. And then one day I woke up.

How did you start running? Well I have this amazing friend Amy, and she runs was so inspiring so I decided to try it! I dabbled a few times at first, but I didn’t start to love it until I started training for a 5k this year..then I got hooked.

What habit was the hardest to give up?Β  Convenience foods..I had to learn to cook!

Is your end game reaching a certain weight or completion of a half/full marathon or something else? I used to think I don’t really know what my end game will be. I used to think reaching a 180 pounds or a size 12 would do it for me..but now who knows? I think running will play a big part in my life in the years to come..and I’m definitely not ruling out a half-marathon one day. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

How did you overcome the negative talk / “I can never accomplish this” voice in your head?Β  Hmm..I’m really into positive mantras! Like when I run…in comparison to non-chunky runners I am pretty slow (for my 5k I did a 15 min mile) as I run, I keep repeating to myself “Slow and steady wins the race“ works! It’s the same with weight loss..I gained all of this weight over the course of 10+ years..I had to accept it wouldn’t disappear overnight. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

What’s your diet like now; what are you favorite foods? I eat a plant based diet (no meat, eggs, dairy, or fish). My favorite foods at the moment (it changes weekly lol) are asparagus, mushrooms, tofu, chickpeas, wild rice, and Gardein brand “beef” tips..mmmm!

Do you like cooking? Have a favorite recipe? Oh yes, LOVE IT! I have SO many! My blog is over at and there are many favorites listed there :):)

Have you always been vegan or was it a bi-product of the weight-loss? I went vegan before the weight loss. I was doing low carb for the billioneth time and I just got so sick of it. I tortured a vegan we know will tons of questions and within a week I took the plunge! I didn’t begin exercising until six months in, and that’s when things really began to happen!

How do you cope with going out to eat @ restaurants? I’m lucky to live so close to Boston, and there are tons of vegan options there. Locally in Salem, I can find veggie burgers or salads anywhere and that works for me!

Besides running, have you taken up any new hobbies, or found old hobbies to be more fun? I love to walk anywhere…all I can think of when I do, is how I used to not be able to..I will never take that for granted.

What’s your favorite song on your iPod for working out? I have SO many..currently I am loving anything by The Wombats! :):)

Who is your biggest weight-loss inspiration? Hands down, Shauna Reid, author of “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl”. I have read that book FIVE times! I laugh, I cry…I think she’s the Aussie version of me! Best. Book. EVER.

(I’ve never read it! I requested it at the library on Amanda’s recommendation!)

Having lost 200 (it is 200 right ((201 actually)) pounds do you think you’ve changed on the inside too? If so, how? Yes, I have learned to love myself. Losing the weight has enabled me to deal with everything on the inside that needed work. Instead of hiding and avoiding, I confront and deal.

Now….ready to see her pictures? Oh man she looks AMAZING….I’m so excited to share these!


8 responses to “Amanda’s Amazing Weight-loss

  1. Christine Durand says:

    that’s very cool and inspiring. great questions Sam!

  2. Sharon says:

    Great story! My friend Margaret and I are going to try go vegan for a week. We’ll see how that goes (I don’t think I could take the plunge though. I really like chicken—as you know)

  3. jobo says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! And another New Englander, I love it πŸ™‚ Great way to share her story and some tips too. Congrats to her and you for being on incredible journeys!

  4. Jacquee Rae says:

    Amanda has been my BFF for the last 16 years and she is an amazing person! I have watched her blossom into this health seeker which has been such an inspiration for me!! We did the low carb together, we attempted to work out together, but it wasn’t until she hit that wall that it became real and she took charge. I am still working on my journey, but I am so grateful to have someone like her in my life. Love ya girl! Thanks for sharing her story Samantha.

  5. Oh wow, thanks for sharing. I’m posting my most personal blog Monday, with before and after pictures. These will be the first I’ve posted since I started my blog. It’s great to see others getting out there, telling their stories and sharing. Makes me feel better about it. I so agree with her slow and steady mantra… somthing I told myself frequently. I wasn’t overweight as a child, just lost control I guess as an adult. As she said, you didn’t put it on over night so don’t expect it to come off quickly. Thanks so much as this is perfect to begin my weekend with!!!

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