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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

on July 5, 2011

I had an entirely different post planned for today, but my friend Jessi posted this quote on my wall and I had to run with it!

“When there is no turning back, then we should concern ourselves only with the best way of going forward.”

I spent a lot of my downtime this weekend getting my armoire organized for summer (I still had sweaters in the forefront…not so much useful when it’s 88! LOL). As I sifted through cute summer tops and *almost* my size jeans and khakis I thought about how I promised my LAST summer (and the summer before…) that I would be thinner by now. I started to get angry at myself for not trying harder through the year.  I got completely disheartened and thought again about every crazy diet I’ve tried, every time I have sworn off cupcakes…sigh. It’s been a long 7 years of dieting! I say 7 because I joined WW for the first time in 2004. Of course, had I stuck with it then I wouldn’t be here now, I’d be thin. But, everything happens for a reason, and I can’t change those reasons.

What I can do is exactly what the quote says – move forward – and do that with all my might.

I have 4 days until my big weigh-in. I’m excited, I think seeing the number on the scale will help solidify my efforts for the year. Seeing 299 would mean I lost 85 pounds in one year! That is awesome. Jay Jacobs from the Biggest Loser has been posting on FB that losing just one pound a week is a difference of 52 pounds a year – which is huge! Little things add up to big results. I need to remember that when I start thinking of how far I COULD have been. Coulda, woulda, shoulda….

I love motivational quotes, and this one seemed fitting for today:

Ha! So true, so true.

I am committing to being happy with how far I’ve come. Happy that a top that was far too tight last year fits perfectly this year. Happy that I can walk up and down the stairs without being winded. Happy that while my strides are slow, they are made with intention. I need to accept that I can’t go backwards, and I can’t change the course of my fate. Everything worked out this way for a reason, even if I can’t see that reason yet!

How did you guys do this long weekend? Did you stick to a plan, or go off the rails? Are you excited to be back into a routine? I know I caught myself snacking more than once this weekend and thinking “Wait, you’re not hungry!”. It’s so tempting to get out of a routine when you’re not working!


6 responses to “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

  1. jobo says:

    Wow, I LOVE the last quote in here, I SO need that right now re: running. But back to you – congratulations on keeping such a positive mindset and continuing to forge ahead even if you aren’t perhaps where you envisioned by this point (I think your weight loss in a year is amazing, especially doing it solo). Congrats a zillion times over girl!!

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  3. Wow Sam,
    I so love your blog so much! You touch on so many relevant things
    so much so I had to share it with my sister.

  4. Wonderful post. It reminded me of my 40 and Fine post. It is more helpful to learn from the past, accept the present and move forward!

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