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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

on July 19, 2011

I’m one of those people who bitches when it’s too cold and she can’t leave the house, then bitches when summer hits and it’s too hot to move.I know, I know….ridiculous. But, I live in New England, everyone here does that right?! 😉

My friend Sandy made an excellent graphic in lieu of the Fox news usually heat wave mania Photoshop sprees.

Rad, no? 🙂

So it’s 9 bajillion degrees.So warm that I walked out of the house this morning with soaking wet hair, and it was dry by the time I walked into work. Wowza!  How am I doing sticking to my plan? Not great, I’ll be honest. It’s too damn hot and humid to walk outside (which I prefer for cardio), my damn gym has the worst AC ever and I just feel grossly lethargic.

What do you guys do when it’s hot as Hades outside and you don’t want to move off the couch?

(side note: I am still LOVING my barre n9ne virtual classes on Weds and Fri, I just wish they were everyday! Come on Tanya, wouldn’t that be fun?! :))

One thing I will say in summer’s defense, I am eating a lot less. I’m just not hungry! I stuck a post-it on my desk that says “100 oz” to remind me to keep filling my water bottle, and I set an alarm in my Outlook to remind me to snack (what kind of fat kid needs to be reminded to snack?! Ludicrous I know!).  Silly sidenote, every time I go to type ludicrous I want to spell it Ludacris, like the rapper. Haha. My favorite tune of his? “Stand Up” of course. 🙂

How do you guys work around the weather? Do you have some tricks for getting cardio in despite the horrible humidity? Fill me in, I’d love to hear it!



7 responses to “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

  1. jobo says:

    It IS wicked hot, isn’t it? I find that my appetite wanes too when it’s hot, and hey, sometimes that can be welcomed when you are feeling less than enthusiastic about getting even hotter for a workout, right?? I’ve been eating watermelon like it’s going out of style too, yum 😉

  2. I hate the heat, but will make myself exercise/dance through it by embracing it and letting the sweat feel cleansing. I’m *never* going to be a hot yoga afficianado or anything like that, but once you get moving, you can kind of draw on the energy of the heat around you, if that makes any sense. Plus, when you stop moving and take a shower, the air will feel a lot cooler than it did before 😉

  3. Aleksie says:

    The studio where I take ballet is air conditioned and my apartment is not. That is an incentive enough.

    If you like walking and don’t have to get up super early, the evenings here have been remarkably comfortable. We took a walk last night and it wasn’t too bad.

  4. Lyndsay says:

    I’ve tried a few things – one is dancing in my apartment (barely leaving a 3 foot circumference) to music videos on youtube. Another thing I sometimes do is wear my sneakers to big box stores (walmart, target, etc) and walk around the whole store once or twice before I actually do my shopping. It’s half assed but better than nothing :-/

  5. For walking, my favorite is Leslie Sansone videos. She has 1-5 mile walking videos. You don’t just stand there and walk, as she has other moves too. The music is great and you can walk in the comforts of your own home, turn up the AC and even position a fan in front of you. Luckily I don’t do the gym thing or the outside workout thing too much and rely heavily on exercise videos and my exercise bike, so regardless of the weather, I still get my workout on. A friend of mine just borrowed the Leslie Sansone videos from a local library to test them before buying them, and she loves them so much, she boughts some. Try it and let me know.

  6. i can’t believe I did it in the heat but yesterday I walked over 2 miles and today I ran for 1.5 miles in the middle of the day. Having the right moisture-wicking clothes helps. I also got myself a running cap that wicks away sweat and shades my face.

  7. mariafocke says:

    I hate the heat

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