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Myths and Truths of Losing 125 Pounds

on July 26, 2011

So, I’ve been chatting with a new blogger friend recently about my adventure in weight-loss. I mentioned one of my favorite (and possibly most interesting to hear the feedback on) was Myths and Truths of Fatness. I revisited the entry and thought about the myths and truths of losing 125 pounds (my last recorded weight-loss total).

Myths about losing a large amount of weight:

* Clothes magically fit better once you lose weight.
I wish so much that this was true. But it’s not. I’m in between sizes on pants right now. If I buy 24’s they’re small, if I buy 26’s they’re too big. It’s hella annoying. I used to think my struggles were strictly weight – but I truly feel like clothing vendors have NO standardization for sizing, and therein lies the problem. See “Open Letter to Lane Bryant” then insert store name where I said LB! Haha.

* The more you lose the easier it gets!
I can’t believe how many people said this to me. It’s totally not true. The more I would lose in one week/month, the harder the following weigh-in would be. I constantly have to challenge myself, and keep myself in check to continue making progress.

* You can go back to the way you used to eat once more of the weight is off.
I can’t even stress how silly and non-sensical this one is! Think about it – if I go back to the way I used to be….I’ll get what I used to get. In 2009 my lunch was a bagel sandwich (bacon, egg and cheese) with chips and a smoothie. I wasn’t losing an ounce and I was miserable. Today’s lunch was a tomato/spinach/mozzarella/hard-boiled egg salad w/ balsamic and a glass of water. I don’t miss my old self, but sometimes I miss the reckless abandon of eating whatever I wanted (as crazy as that sounds).

* You have loose skin everywhere when you lose that much weight
I’ve had 2 people ask me this already, so I figured I might as well be honest. I do not currently have loose skin anywhere…but I suspect at the end of this whole journey I might. That said, I’m hoping to avoid it. I am losing slowly and have had a few plateaus. Despite wanting to lose quicker I know that slow and steady wins the race. I also know that on “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss” they have skin surgery at 9 months, but you have to factor in how much weight they lose in that time. The last episode I watched the guy’s 3 month goal was 150. That’s FIFTY pounds a month! It took me 6 months to lose 50 pounds! So, fast weight loss = skin’s natural elasticity does not have time to adjust; hence creating loose skin.

Truths of losing a large amount of weight:

* Sometimes it seems insignificant.
This sounds  crazy – but hear me out. I’ve lost a PERSON…and I’m still morbidly obese. When I meet new people I wish I had a sign that said “Fat girl in progress!” because I swear they think “Wow….you’re this big now and already lost 100+ pounds?! ”

* Then other times you are AMAZED by the reflection in the mirror.
Early last week I caught my reflection in the french door that leads to the den and I stopped dead. Woah! I almost have collar bones and look how defined my shoulders and neck are! Wow.

* You read old journal entires or see old photos and wonder “What the F was I thinking???”
Because the truth is, there is nothing different about my weight-loss this time around….except the effort I’m putting forth! I used to think I could lose 20 pounds then rest on my laurels and the next 20 would fall off. Not quite! 😉

* What you say to yourself really does dictate your success
I can’t believe how mean I used to be to myself (while getting upset that society was mean to me!). I am what I say I am, and I’m glad I figured that out now so I can work on it.

Do you guys every look back on what you’ve accomplished and realized the myths/truths associated with that accomplishment? Does it make you laugh too? Share them!



8 responses to “Myths and Truths of Losing 125 Pounds

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Reading your posts makes me really excited to keep going on my journey. I can’t wait until I can look back and say, “I’ve lost 100lbs!”.

  2. JessSutera says:

    This is an awesome post – and shows just how hard and how far you’ve come already. I am proud of you and OVERJOYED that you’re looking in that mirror and embracing what you see – yay for collarbones!!

  3. jobo says:

    Wow. I love this post too because hoists coming at it from a realistic been there, done that perspective. You k ow what works, you have learned a lot. And you are so right on the easing up on your foods once you lose weight. Not so! Life change, not diet, right? You are such an inspiration to so many. I think you should submit this post to a fitness or weight loss type magazine for publishing. It’s really good!!

  4. “The more you lose the easier it gets” is not true. The first few pounds fall off very easily but then your body adapts to the caloric deficit. Your metabolism sets itself to the amount you are eating and that’s when you have to really challenge yourself physically. So yes, it actually gets much harder! Good job on the weight loss. 100 lbs is no small feat. Be very proud.

  5. mariafocke says:

    Thanks for sharing them!
    Recommend a site to you:

  6. Sandy says:

    You know, I hadn’t really talked to you much since, what, 2004-ish? Until you friended me on FB and I started reading here. In that time, you lost so much weight, and because I hadn’t been “along for the ride,” it seemed easy to me. I know it hasn’t been easy AT. ALL, but it felt like you suddenly, magically had lost 125 lbs. And the other day I said to myself, I wish it would be as easy for me as I think (but know it wasn’t) for Samantha. Which is obviously insane.

  7. Wow, great blog. I do look back on my journey on occassion. It is funny the things people think. Someone said to me once, “oh, are you still counting calories?” Another person said, “so once you’ve reached your goal weight you can stop this, right?” Someone else said to me that the problem with weight loss is how to keep it off. All these things are just funny to me, as people do not realize how you took it off is exactly what you do to keep it off. Go glad to read about others like yourself that have their head and facts right!

  8. […] have blogged about this twice before in different forms (here and here if you’re curious) – but recently I have been mulling over these and decided in my […]

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