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Hello Again!

on August 25, 2011

Hi Guys!

So sorry for the unplanned absence. Life has been crazy – and I find myself starting blog entries (8 times over) but not finishing them. I had a few minutes free this afternoon so I thought I owed it to you guys to bring an update.

First the good stuff:

* I have not gained weight. Now, I’m pretty sure I have not LOST any either….but I have not gained. That’s a plus!

* I went through an emotional purging a few months ago and I am finding that I am better off because of it. Just because you want something to work doesn’t mean it’s working in your life. Catch my drift? πŸ™‚

* I got a promotion at work! I’m super excited for the new job (traveling, new kickass boss, awesome group, lots of new challenges) but nervous too. With any new venture I always factor my weight into it. “OMG will these people like me? Will they think I’m too fat to do the job?”. Sigh. My thought-process is just silly.I need to work on that continuously. New job will involve some travel, which I’m excited for…but I will totally need my travel tricks for this!

Now for the bad:

* I have sucked at the exercise thing. Just sucked. Last week I did nothing short of work, take the pager and sleep. Awful. Yesterday morning I woke up @ 5:30am and had a KICKASS barre n9ne workout. I actually found some things harder than they were a few weeks back. No! Boo! So, I am much more motivated to keep going. I like feeling strong, I like feeling the soreness after a good workout. Tonight I’m planning to go for a walk. Tomorrow I am doing another morning barre n9ne workout and Friday I have virtual barre n9ne again. I need to get back in the habit of making a schedule and sticking to it.

* I need to not make excuses and just kick ass. Seriously. No more negative thinking….just DOING!

How are you guys doing? Are you excited for autumn or sad to see summer go? Here in Boston it’s already getting chilly at night which is nice. I love sleeping with blankets. I love bon fires. I love autumn colors – let’s go fall! πŸ˜€

In the next few weeks please poke me if I lapse on updates again! πŸ™‚



3 responses to “Hello Again!

  1. JessSutera says:

    Congrats on the job promotion!! You’ve been working your butt off! That’s such an awesome reward. As for barre n9ne, can we puhleeeeeeze book a barre n9ne date to take a live class together soon?? Dying to meet you and to shake at that barre together – something you have GOT to experience in the very near future, me thinks πŸ™‚

  2. IntrigueMe says:

    Hey this happens to us all, and happened to me recently too. The good news is it’s still on your mind and you’ll get back into it soon enough,

  3. Jobo says:

    Nicely done on the job, that’s great!! As for working out, hey, it happens but you’re back on track! Glad to ‘see’ you at barre n9ne the other morning πŸ™‚

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