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Spending the week at the bar(re)!

on August 29, 2011

Happy Monday!

Normally I am not a Monday-morning-super-chipper kind of gal….but it’s been a long weekend filled with a hurricane, a long-ass power outage and supreme boredom. I am happy for sunshine and yes, even for Monday morning! HELLO MONDAY! Thank you for being sunny. 🙂

So, hurricane Irene hit the east coast Saturday and by Sunday we had a ton of tree branches and debris in the road…and no power. Lucky for me I don’t live too far from work (15 mins) so I drove in to use the interwebz and get some work done.  The power came back on by 7pm – thank god, I had to get my fill of trashy Sunday night TV! 😉 Check out the forecast…yay Monday!


I had to laugh by the amount of people that were either PANICKING (people we live in New England – we have blizzards and we survive. RELAX!) or on the flip-side doing crazy things like going to the ocean. Really? Who wants to get washed over by a 14-foot wave?! Oy. 🙂

So, it’s Monday and as I promised myself I will make a plan of awesomeness each week and stick to it. Here we go! I am spending my week at the bar….re. Hehe.

Monday: Virtual barre n9ne w/ Juliana – class was AWESOME! I have not taken from Juliana yet – just Tanya. Juliana was every bit as kickass. What a perfect way to jump start the week! Thank you J! 🙂

TuesdayCardio (walk outside, ride the bike @ the gym or do the dreadmill – 45 mins)

WednesdayVirtual barre n9ne at 6:15am w/ Tanya

Thursday: Bob Harper DVD or cardio

Friday: Virtual barre n9ne at 6:15am w/ Tanya- kicking off my fabulous Friday right!

SaturdayIN PERSON BARRE!!! So super excited to finally meet Tanya! I’ll be taking the barre n9ne® method @ 9:30am.  –  barre n9ne’s® signature class. Our method combines Pilates, ballet, and weight training. The class has an intense pace with no-impact, while burning fat and increasing stamina. Includes upper body work with free weights followed by intense barre work to tone the legs and seat which create long, lean muscles. Finally we end with core work and stretching.

Wanna join me? Sign up here:

Sunday: Either cardio or a Bob Harper DVD

I think the week looks doable and I’m excited to have an exercise program I really like! 🙂

What are you guys doing to shake things up this week?

Is school starting already? It feels weird to think about “back to school”….the last time I went back to school was in 2003! Wow! I guess starting my new job will be a little like “back to school” – new wardrobe, new mentors and new desk! Haha.


3 responses to “Spending the week at the bar(re)!

  1. JessSutera says:

    Ahh!!!! I SO wish I could be there for your first live class!! I’ll be in Maine this weekend or I would have TOTALLY signed up!! Promise to tell me when you’re planning to take the next in person class?? I want to be there 🙂

    NICE workout plans lined up, proud of you! PS. isn’t Juliana awesome??

  2. jolene7 says:

    That is SO AWESOME!!!! I am so glad you are going to an in person class and I am SO bummed I won’t be there either 😦 Let us know when you decided to come again!! Glad you loved Julianna too. she is AWESOME just like Tanya, of course 🙂

  3. Naomi says:

    Hi Samantha-

    Just tuning in again to say I like your blog. Your positive, compassionate, and at the same time honest voice here is very inspiring. I always come away from your posts with a renewed sense of determination to focus on my goals and keep truckin’ towards them. Congrats on all the progress you’ve made towards yours, and thanks for sharing the journey.

    *also, thanks for the workout tip, I’ll checkout those virtual classes. I’m on the lookout for fun new ways to keep exercise in my over-scheduled and overly sedentary life. I would love to hear your review of workout dvds.


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