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Peace Out Summer!

on September 6, 2011

I am totally a spring/fall person – I hate summer. I hate winter. I guess I hate the extremes of both seasons. So,  I’m excited for September! But, it is always a bit sad to see summer end.

Reminds me of the Dashboard Confessional song:

So long sweet summer
I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays
So long sweet summer
I fell into you
Now you’re gracefully falling away

I moved into my new cube Friday. So, I started today (after a nice long weekend) in my new digs and in a new mindset. This summer I did not kickass as I planned. I am at 293 this morning. Not fabulous by any stretch. Yes, I am out of the 300’s – but I feel like I could have done a lot better. Onward and upward!

September goals:

* Exercise every day – walking, circuits, yoga, barre n9ne – something! I need to get the momentum up and keep it going!

* Hit 275 by Sept 30th. That’s 18 pounds in 4 weeks. Totally do-able.

*  Ideally I’d like to be 222 by Xmas. Silly number I know, but I like silly numbers! 🙂

Come October I will be in my new job full-time and will have some flexibility to my hours. I am going to try doing the bare n9ne 60-day challenge. I’ll keep my blog updated if I decide to do it!

Now, here’s this week’s plan:

* Pack tons of healthy snacks and water….then bring them to work. I packed them last night, but left them in the kitchen. Fail!

Tuesday: cardio of some kind, or a DVD depending on my mood

Wednesday: barre n9ne!

Thursday: cardio

Friday: barre n9ne!

Saturday: IN PERSON barre n9ne! (delayed from last week because of a scheduling conflict on my part)

Sunday: We’ll play this by ear – maybe something outside!

How are you guys adjusting to the season change? Is your exercise plan changing? Eating habits? Are you excited for fall?


8 responses to “Peace Out Summer!

  1. Karen DiCecca says:

    Hi Sam….love your pic, hang in here you are on the right track….small steps….let me know if you need a walking partner. I like walking the lake in Wakefield….ps my niece Jen (Toney) is moving back east in Oct w/her son and husband. She will be residing in Wilmington.
    Talk soon. I’m off to the airport to catch my flight back east.


  2. jobo says:

    Great line-up of goals and workouts!! Which class on Sat? Are you going to the seminar?? we’ll be there if you are!!! And congrats on continued weight loss 🙂

  3. IntrigueMe says:

    Good luck!! I’m not changing my excercise plans until the snow falls and I can’t walk to work. I’ll probably go back to swimming at that point. Ugh, I hate winter.

  4. JessSutera says:

    Ohh I’d LOVE to see you do the 60 day challenge, you would KILL it!!! I’m also curious to know if you’ll be at the seminar (we will!) or not. LOVE to meet you!!!!

    • I would love to do the 60 day challenge too! Totally loving the vibe you guys portrayed in your respective blogs. And YES I finally get to meet you both! I totally want to see if I can tell you apart….i bet I can’t! Lol

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