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Traveling does not equal vacation!

on October 19, 2011

Hello world!

I am back from whirlwind travels. I hit Chicago, LA and NY in a span of 12 days. Crazy!

I’m sad to report I have not lost an ounce….but I haven’t gained either! I did really good in all 3 places about walking and getting a ton of water in during the day. Staying hydrated during a trip is KEY. So, why didn’t I lose weight? Oh that’s simple….I had dessert every single night. No lie. Suddenly when I wasn’t home it was like I was on vacation! Crème brûlée in Chicago…then LA (twice)…then NYC. Oy. I swear, I could LIVE on desserts. Legit.I kept justifying it in my head by saying “Look how much you walked! You didn’t snack once!” – but we both know those are bullshit reasons to eat dessert every freaking night.

I blogged about being nervous about meeting my new clients – well, I’m happy to report all 3 trips were a success. I made great first impressions – and I wasn’t self-conscious or freaked out at all. OK….a little. Haha. There is always a voice in your head that says “I’m not what you thought I would be, am I?”. Ironically, 2 of the clients I talk to the most weren’t at all what I pictured. One was nearly 7 feet tall (I felt like I was standing in a hole) and the other was about 4-tall. Voices can be deceiving! 🙂

Aside from travel and weight staying the same….I don’t have a ton to report. I have a pair of jeans that stopped fitting – they totally fit now. Yay! Since I got home and saw the scale isn’t moving, I jumped back into tracking everything I ate. I swear, I will be someone who has to track their food until I die. I let myself get a little lax one week and suddenly I’m surrounded by cupcakes and caramel macchiatos!

No one said this process would be easy – I guess I just didn’t realize how crazy the path would be!

How are you guys doing? Feeling the seasonal effects kick in and change your routine?


One response to “Traveling does not equal vacation!

  1. jobo says:

    Hey girl! Glad you are back and glad things with work travel and the new job promotion are going so well! that is awesome! As for the weight loss stuff, hey, at least you didn’t gain and you are still on track. That’s really hard to do when traveling!!

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