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3-0 in Pictures!

on February 7, 2012

So it’s here…..the big 3-0. It feels different than I imagined – but not in a bad way. Different …. weird. I’m sitting on my friends’ roof-deck writing this post – overlooking Culver City. Thinking how small and insanely large the world is. Thinking that I thought I’d have a husband and a house and kids by 30….and I’m oddly OK with not being there. My life has taken twists and turns. I’m not the person I thought I would be….but in some ways I’m better. So I choose to embrace the big 3-0. Focus on health, happiness and forward motion.

Here are some LA snapshots to illustrate my trip:

I woke up this morning to this view:

Lovely eh? Los Angeles was a good idea. I needed sunshine, friends and relaxation…and good food! I have enjoyed some delicious meals already – like *perfect* burgers at Father’s Office:

More amazing than words. Caramelized onion jam! Delicious cheesy mix!

I had dinner with some girly friends on Friday night in Venice and enjoyed amazing Italian-inspired cuisine. I wish I had taken pictures! Suffice to say, next dineLA I encourage you to go here and order a Yogi Berra (pineapple rum, sage, lime and grapefruit….divine):

I got to see the city from Mulholland Drive (the best view in LA, hands down):

I went to the amazing Craft for my birthday dinner with Tyler and Heather (we should have snapped pix!):

Oh and Cinnamon-Sugar beignets for dessert. SO AMAZING.

I spent one day completely alone – driving, eating lunch alone, shopping alone (I hate doing this!) and just enjoying my own company.  It was surreal. I’m not used to not having someone to talk to! (I talk. A LOT. So much so that I annoy myself sometimes…).

Overall I’m happy where I am – excited to move forward and open myself up to whatever the universe has in store. If I have learned one thing in my twenties it’s that the fastest way to spark change is by telling the Universe your plans! 🙂

I’m going to do my best not to dictate my life….sit back, enjoy and see where the road takes me!

Here I am at the ripe old age of 30 and 3 days rocking my nerdy glasses!


4 responses to “3-0 in Pictures!

  1. JessSutera says:

    YES! Embrace 30. Embrace it as hard as you can. I’ve learned SO MUCH about myself ever since hitting 30 and truly embracing this stage in life. I promise you will NOT regret it!

  2. Nadira Jamal says:

    Happy birthday, sweetie! I’m loving my 30s so far. I’m not sure where I’m going either, but I feel like a real, live grown-up, and I love it.

  3. jobo says:

    I love your glasses! 🙂 Happy 30th my friend, it looks like you celebrated in style, and that’s the way the big 3-0 oughtta be celebrated!!

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