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The Lent Challenge

on February 20, 2012

I usually participate in Lent (or try to) not because of the religious symbolism but because of the challenge. I like seeing if I can give up something I love for 6 weeks.I was raised Catholic, but now I consider myself more “Christian” than Catholic per se. I don’t attend church on a regular basis – but I do believe in God.

Usually I end up cheating….but I think this year I’ll be able to stick to it! I hope! So, Lent begins Wednesday, the 22nd of February and will continue for 46 long days until Saturday, the 7th of April.

During this stretch I will be in NY, Atlanta, LA, Tampa and all around crazy busy. Normally for me travel = free range to indulge in desserts. So, what is my crazy-ass giving up for Lent? Desserts! Sweets, treats, whatever you want to call it….I’m going cold turkey for 6 weeks. I also want to try cutting my coffee intake down to once a day. I love coffee, but sometimes I think it doesn’t love me back.So just how often am I have desserts/treats/sweets? More than daily. No lie. I will find a way to work in a treat to my daily calories – even if it means giving up something I need (like protein). I’m a sweets-addict. Legit.

The hardest part is going to be 2-fold:

1. Not treating myself when I travel/go out (I always feel like being on the road warrants a treat)

2. The CRAVINGS. Oh god this is always the worst part. I think I’m fine….I’m strong….I can do this….. then I smell chocolate and I literally salivate. Then I get a headache – but not an ACTUAL headache, like a “mind over matter” craving headache. It’s horrible. This is usually when I end up caving.

How can I combat the cravings? I’m thinking more water, more protein (so I feel full) and a calendar to mark my progress. Thank you for kickass, customizable free calendars!

So what is included in this “no sweets” manifesto? No dessert (cheesecake, ice cream, cookies, chocolate etc), no sweet snacks (Skinny Cow PB bars that are only 2 points so I usually have 2….or 3 – LOL) and no “dessert” coffees (blended with whip – or without). Not included? Wildberry smoothies from Panera (7 points – delicious and full of calcium) and Starbucks coffee (caramel macchiatos once a week, regular iced the rest of the week). I think I might have to join Pinterest just to oogle over delicious things I will not be eating….though seeing it might make me want it more!

Are any of you participating in Lent? What are you giving up? What’s the hardest part for you?

Before I go, a Lent funny that made me laugh my butt off:


2 responses to “The Lent Challenge

  1. Sharon says:

    I gave up diet coke at the beginning of the year and will not have any until my birthday (July) so far, so good. I’ve replaced with tea, protein shakes and water. Yay. The world is really going to end I think, if I gave up diet coke.

  2. Michael says:

    That’s the whole purpose of Lent – conquer the smaller challenges in order to better prepare for the bigger ones! I have been doing Lent since I can remember. Tonight’s dinner discussions will be what will be given up… We’ll see.

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