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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

on March 19, 2012

Dear Weight Watchers,

This on-again, off-again affair we’ve had for 7 years isn’t working for me any longer – I need to move on. We’ve seen some good times (getting under 300 pounds….3 times). But, we’ve also seen our fair share of bad times. However, I’m not leaving you because of our past ~ I’m leaving you because you just aren’t what I need anymore.

I’m doing great tracking my food, I literally write down everything I eat. The things I eat are healthy 90% of the time – and made of ingredients I can pronounce. I can’t say the same for your Weight Watchers  bars or shakes. I am drinking tons of water. I haven’t had coffee in 15 days (not that I’m counting). Oh and I am taking 3 (or more!) barre n9ne classes a week and doing 2-3 cardio workouts at the gym. I’m finally back on track and have my shiz together. Huzzah!

So, why does this mean I need to move on? Sure I enjoy your mobile app, and I like the accountability of having someone else weigh me in. But, I can’t take the snarky attitudes of the “leaders” at my former WW Center. Saturday morning I walked in to weigh in high on life (and a sweaty Saturday morning barre method workout! Thanks Julianna!). I knew I had aced this weigh-in like a spelling test in 5th grade. To my shock I was up 4.4 pounds (adding to the 2.2 pounds I gained during my amazing week last week) for a total GAIN of 6.6 pounds in 2 weeks. I found this impossible and before I could even begin to recount my week (water! veggies! limited carbs! 6 workouts!!) the “leader” said “Up again – looks like you need to try harder honey” in a condescending little song-song voice then snapped her gum and went back to chatting with her friend. You have no idea how close I was to jumping over that counter, grabbing her 80’s wave perm and screaming “I AM TRYING MY ASS OFF!”. Lucky for you, I’m classier than that. 🙂

This isn’t my first encounter with unsupportive, dismissive “leaders” at WW centers. I’m sick of not being a person. I’m sick of standing in a queue waiting to weigh-in like a bunch of cattle getting tagged. I’m sick of not being able to discuss my week with ANYONE (besides my friend Layne when we go together). I need more. I need someone who wants to hear about my week and help me figure out what could be wrong rather than shuffle me off into a meeting room to listen to whiner mommies talk about cupcakes and stealing from their kids happy meals.

If I actually did gain 6.6 pounds in 2 weeks following a super healthy diet and exercise routine I would say something is WRONG. Seriously wrong! Shouldn’t someone take me aside and ask what’s going on? Shouldn’t someone care more for the $39.95 a month I pay???

Sidenote: I’m going to purchase a new scale tomorrow and confirm if your scales are indeed accurate. I suspect they are not. My nice dressy pants fit – they didn’t fit a month ago. That’s progress, not magic.

I stayed when I realized I would realistically never be a lifetime member (my “ideal goal weight” is 125 according to you. I’m 5’4″ and have hips the size of a hoola hoopa – pretty sure 125 isn’t in the cards). I stayed when you changed points to this silly “Points Plus 2012” and I knew it didn’t make sense to eat more. I stayed when your “leaders” would push crappy pre-packaged snacks and microwave popcorn over fruits and veggies.

But, the proverbial straw that broke this fat kid’s back was that snarky leader. I’m not going to continue supporting a business that doesn’t encourage me to succeed. I was on the fence all weekend about my decision to cancel my membership (which I promptly did at 10:15am after walking in from the world’s most ridiculous weigh-in!). Until I went over to K8’s kickass page on Facebook and got a little reassurance:

I don’t NEED Weight Watchers anymore! She’s right! I’m smart. I know what I need (good carbs, protein, veggies, fruits, water) and I know what I need to do (move my ass, destress, stay off coffee and desserts). Why CAN’T I do it myself? Oh right, because for some silly reason I have this idea that I need someone running my life. I need to be a member of some group – something bigger than myself. Well, I’m wrong. I don’t need this anymore, and I’m quitting this madness. For the last time. 🙂

If you find it tough to get over me, I’d suggest checking out this fantastic book by Greg Behrendt:

My favorite quote? I’m glad you asked! So many of us find ourselves saying “BUT HE WAS SO GREAT!” Yes, and the people who got on the Titanic thought they were going on vacation. Things changed and it’s important to remember that they did.

I’ve changed, you haven’t. Peace out!




13 responses to “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  1. Sharon says:

    It might not be the idea of somebody running your life, but rather, you need the support. I don’t care what ANYBODY says, dieting by yourself is a losing battle. You are going to need support from someone, anyone, who can understand how hard losing weight can be. You thought you found that in WW, but sounds like they’re being douches.

    I think I was on WW for as long as you have and broke up with them last year when I didn’t feel the support either. We ARE trying our best and don’t we get a little credit for that? Anyway, I found a great counselor (I got a local weight loss center now) and I really do feel I can talk to her. Well, it also helps that she lost 60 pounds on the same program.

    Anyway, good for you for getting rid of WW if they’re not giving you what you need. We all can’t get Jennifer Hudson support

    • Exactly! You see these commercials and you assume everything will be sunshine and singing – it’s not! I’m glad you found support – yay! You’re looking great on FB, I can see the differences.

  2. jobo says:

    I think support and accountability are huge when it comes to weight loss. But condescending and not REALLY being supportive is not what you need. If you can get those things without having to a) pay for it from WW and b) something that fits into your schedule and life, then THAT is the way to go…hello barre n9ne challenge…am I right?! 🙂

  3. Jemileh (da Kina!) says:

    here here!!!!! congratulations! You KNOW what you need to do. One of my problems with the “branded” weight loss methods is that nothing matters except the scale. If your dress pants fit better than they did before, then your weight gain is due to MUSCLE, which weighs MORE than fat, so you WILL BE HEAVIER! They never tell you that! Go by the inches, girl, not the scale and you’ll be in a healthier place, mentally AND physically!

  4. JessSutera says:

    YEAH!! I’m proud of you for walking away from WW. Not just because I think you can do better on your own (with the right tools, of course!) but because your needs and focus have changd. You want real, wholesome foods -not prepackaged. You want support and a postive environment – not condescending and rude. And even though you don’t have the traditional community that WW gave you, you have a new community now — it’s called blogging, twitter, facebook – those “communities” can keep you accountable. And so can the barre n9ne community which is like walking into a bear hug of lovelies all looking to support one another. So even though you’ve walked away from WW, you’ve gained a whole bunch of new “communities” instead. WAY better in my opinion. NICE job my dear!

  5. Girl, this is wonderful. I’ve got to figure out how to incorporate this into my next post (if you don’t mind). I love it, especially this is not a diet it’s my life. I’m glad to see others talk about how you don’t need a guru. People seem shocked when they hear there are those of us that can do this ourseles and imagine, common sense is a huge factor! Good for you!!!

  6. Sandy says:

    I’ve actually had the opposite problem at WW – leaders that are too supportive, to the point of being enablers. “Oh well, we all have those weeks!” “Are you on your period? Or are you going to be? Or did you just get off of it?” “You’ll do better next week!” I MEAN, COME ON. It just never ever worked for me. I’ve never lost more than 25 lbs. with WW.

  7. Cecilia says:

    I have nothing much to say except, “What what!!! Get it, Samantha!!!”

    Also, I miss you 🙂

  8. Helen says:

    I LOVE this post!!! I’ve been struggling on WW for years. All the power to you girl! x

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