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Spring things, Excuses and Finding Motivation

on April 30, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!

I had all sorts of lovely posts planned for last week – but the week ran away from me. So, I’ve compiled everything into one big post chock full of inspiration and pictures. (You guys know how much I love pictures!)

First and foremost – HELLO SPRING! So lovely to see you, please stay a while, will ya? 🙂

Dogwood trees as viewed from the sunroof!

Second – my love affair with barre n9ne has gone to the next level! Two weeks ago I took 6 classes in 5 days (insane I know!). This week I took 5 classes in 6 days. I am feeling so amazingly strong and motivated. It’s awesome!! I’ve tried 3 different classes and I love them all equally. Barre Method is the signature class Tanya created with weights + barre movements. Barre fusion is bands + balls (little squishy weighted balls) incorporated with barre exercises and b9 fusion is all bands, balls and body resistance. Thursdays have become my “double” night. I take barre fusion AND barre method back to back. Yes, you read that correctly – 120 mins of sheer agony! I love how different the two workouts are and how sore and accomplished I feel afterwards. Thanks you Julianna for kicking my butt and keeping the Bieber jams to a minimum. Haha.

I’m also super excited that I turned my friend Christine onto barre! She came with me last Friday morning and 10 mins in she was looking at me like “Bitch what have you gotten me into?!”. Haha! Seeing her shake at the barre (it’s intense people! Intense!) and seeing her look of sheer exhaustion at the end made my heart happy (in a slightly evil way, LOL!). This workout that I love SO MUCH being understood by the people I love? Awesome.

A few friends have said “OMG you’re obsessed! Your living at the barre!”. Ya know what? I am obsessed! I love how I feel after- I love seeing my clothes loose – I love feeling strong and accomplished! I used to say I could NEVER take in person classes because I live so far (about 35 mins from the original studio, 20 from the new one). I realized that’s just an excuse.

If you want something – you find a way to make it work. If not you find an excuse.

How many times a day did I do this before? God, millions. I would find excuses to avoid walking up stairs, avoid going out for lunch, avoid seeing friends after work. I was the excuse queen! Not anymore. I have finally figured out that no one can want this for me – no one can make me want to change. I have to want it and I have to make it happen. (I know, total DUH moment right?).

Saturday morning I went to barre for an amazing, kickass workout with Jolene (look for a post later this week about her and her sister!). During class a girl in gray approached me and said “I loved your blog post about the studio!”. I got total warm fuzzies. Thank you girl in gray (who I know now is named Lindsay!)- you made my morning! Leaving class after being owned by the blue balls (someday I will defeat you blue ball – someday!) I decided to treat myself to Starbucks. I have been “off coffee” for a while – and made the decision that once in a while is OK, twice a day is not. I ordered a sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on English muffin and a grande iced caramel macchiato. This was my breakfast every single day at one point in my life. Today it was delish, I enjoyed every bite – but I don’t need to have it again for a few weeks. It’s filling (766 calories total) and I think I prefer juice/smoothies for breakfast!

Mmmm caramel macchiato!

I think it’s so funny how your taste preferences change. You identify those “always” and “sometimes” foods Kate references in her blog. Once upon a time that breakfast was my always not it’s my sometimes. Lazy was my always and now it’s my “only on Sundays” (or which ever day I decide is rest day). I love the realizations I’ve made concerning my own health and happiness. It’s sad in one respect that it took me 30 years to learn balance and to put my body first ~ but better late than never!

When I first started doing the Skinny Jeans Challenge I picked these denim wide-leg trouser jeans as my “goal jeans” for May 31st.

I love me some wide-leg dark denim trousers (this style is made for someone with wide hips!). I bought them ages ago and they have never gotten past my mid-thigh. On April 1st I tried them on and they came to my knees. Bummer right? Well that’s what goals are for! Last Friday I decided to try them on and measure my progress. Guess what? They fit! In fact they fit so well I wore them to work! Here I am in all my cuteness rocking these jeans! Time to find a new pair for goal! (Good thing I have clothes in the next 3 sizes huh?). 🙂

Dark denim jeans FTW!

Wearing these jeans all day Friday made me smile all day and make better food choices. Did I need ice cream for dessert or did I want it? Did I need a Snapple tea with my lunch or would water do? If I need it – I will have it.  But, not every desire is a need!

My new goal jeans (by May 31st) are capris. I’ve never worn capris in public before. EVER. Cute huh?

I’m fairly certain I can rock them – with my pale white legs! LOL.

The last highlight of my weekend was a trip to Whole Foods with my bro. We scored amazing fruit, 52 bajillion Kind bars (I’m addicted and we hit the motherload including the illusive PB&J) and  Whole Foods home-made peanut butter.I cannot stop finding things to eat with peanut butter!!


This morning I was lucky enough to get a solo session with Jo (thank you to whomever didn’t show up – I loved having all eyes on me…NOT!). I could not wimp out (though I did take 900 mini-breaks). I was sore and sweaty and gross by the end! Loved it.

I have a different class every day for the week – and a plan to get 2 really good cardio sessions in. I feel like I’ve hit my stride! OK I have to do it…..(Sharon this song always makes me think of you!).

Are you dancing in your chair now? Good!

Hope you all have a kickass Monday!


10 responses to “Spring things, Excuses and Finding Motivation

  1. Jess Sutera says:

    You are officially a barre n9ne cult member, through and through. I ❤ it. What I also love (and totally agree with) — how amazing it is to see your tastebuds change right along with your view of yourself as you gaze into the mirror. Your taste for healthy, nutritious and yummy foods vs. those "sometimes" foods that used to be your "always" foods mirrors that change you see in your reflection. Confidence and strength and change are beautiful things, aren't they?? Keep it up girlfriend!!

  2. jobo says:

    I agree with Jess, you are completely in the cult! Through and through! Running through your vains!! I am so proud of how far you have come, physically and mentally, I see such a change. I see that laser-focus, that determination, that want and desire to keep changing and improving. And you are. And you are rocking those jeans!! Imagine what another month, two, three and more will do? Incredible. (I completely agree with you on food changes and tastes, what used to be a daily eat now becomes a treat and not needed so much as a daily eat. Such a different mindset, right?). Asslap 😉

    • It’s true! Having something everyday really does lead to unhappiness. Tanya was right!

      PS – I am TOTALLY in the cult. My mom actually said “Can we have a post not about barre n9ne?”. LOL

  3. Stasia says:

    Muscles I didn’t know existed are sore today, but in a good way!

  4. katastrophe313 says:

    I seriously needed to read this post today! Life has been insane and I’ve been skipping my workouts for weeks. Tonight is the first session of a boot camp class I signed up for and I’ve been dreading it. This post just got me totally motivated and excited to get back into my workout routine! It also made me want a caramel macchiato. 😉

  5. Sharon says:

    What a bizarre version! But I’m totally glad you found something that you love to do. I don’t know if you remember when I told you this a few years ago, but I said “find something you like to do, whether it be walking or hiking or whatever…because exercise won’t stick unless you look forward to doing it.” something like that. Anyway, keep it up! I’m working my way from capris to shorts.

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