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When do you give up?

on May 2, 2012

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook that sparked internal debate all day.

Question of the day: When do you give up?

My response was:

When you realize what you were fighting for isn’t something you want anymore.

However I’ve thought of all the reasons I’ve given up in the past: it was too hard, I didn’t see results fast enough, I thought I wasn’t worthy of the end goal, I doubted myself too much, I let someone talk me out of what I wanted….

I thought about how I focused on things that aren’t important any longer. I don’t NEED to be a Weight Watchers lifetime member (more on that here if you missed it). I don’t base my self-worth off the number on the scale. I gave up on those dreams – because they didn’t fit my life anymore. I mentioned before the idea of people leaving your life because they just don’t have a place in your future. I think dreams/goals/wishes are the same. Sometimes what you wanted at the moment isn’t what you want a year from now. I remember when I was 17 I wanted to get my eyeliner tattooed on my eye. Thank god I didn’t – I hate eyeliner now! :)I’ve never gotten a tattoo because I could never commit to something for more than a few months. My taste would change.

All that said, do I want to be healthy? Yes. Am I taking steps every day to attain that goal? Yes. Have I realized that sometimes as you get mid-project you have to readjust the expectations and the approach? Yes!

I’m taking a Project Management course at work an it’s been helpful not just for my day job, but also my life. Am I assessing the risk of the projects I take on? Do I have backup plans? Have I considered all possible outcomes? Nope.

I’m very much a “make a plan and stick to it” person – but that doesn’t always work in life or in projects. Things change, people change, situations have new dimensions added that you hadn’t thought of. How do you roll with it? Are you willing to refocus your efforts? Or do you throw in the towel and move on?

I’m very interested to hear what you guys have to say – when do YOU give up?

(not just in weight-loss – in anything. When is enough really enough?)

P.S. – According to the late, great Winston Churchill the answer is never.




6 responses to “When do you give up?

  1. jobo says:

    Wow, such an interesting question…when do you give up. When do you change course. I am SO RIGID in my habits and routine and schedule, that I hate alternatives, I hate change. I don’t want to change my routine, even if it’s necessary (for example, work travel, or a planned trip or whatever, not always workout related), It’s something I am always working on too and know it’s ok to change course and adjust to life’s nuances. Good food for thought. Sage advice 🙂

  2. Jess Sutera says:

    I guess my response is – I don’t give up, but like you said, revisions are sometimes needed. Which to me is very different than giving up or throwing in the towel. Life isn’t meant to be so static, so single-pathed so to make revisions along our windy pathway of life is a good thing in my mind. Learning as you go, right?

  3. Totally wonderful and thought provoking post. When I first read the title, my answer was never, However, once you went into explanation, I realized there are times one should give up, or at least change their course of action. I don’t generally give up but there are times that something is no longer what I want or fits with my plan. As things in my environment change, so do my plans. I too like to set a plan and push forward with it, but like you said, sometimes that’s not realistic. To answer the question, when do I give up… when I 100% don’t want, need, am motivated or aspire to attain that goal. I’m stubborn so giving up would take a lot… LOL

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