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June Challenges!

on June 6, 2012

June is going to be a month of trying new things ~ and pushing myself further out of my comfort zone.

I am super excited for my first mini-challenge of the month! I started to follow The Lean Green because of Jess (EatDrinkBreatheSweat) and I am totally in love with her blog! She mentioned this Foodie PenPal challenge in a recent post  and I decided to sign up. Such a cool idea! This time around there are 982 penpals in the US and Canada – can you imagine?!!? Lindsay – you rock!

My penpal emailed me yesterday (Erika from You Just Did What?) – so excited to see what she comes up with – and to have another blog to follow! 🙂

I just heard from my pal – her name is Nicolle and her little piece of the interwebz can be found here: Culture Jaunt. Her request is simple – nothing processed.  What would you send someone (keeping in mind possible dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegan) for $15?! Such a fun game!!

For the next part of June challenge ~ I need to find a way to kick up my cardio. I’m in a complete rut – and the stairs icon on my Fitbit is sad. So – time for some new goals!

During this week I am committing to doing an hour of cardio at the gym 4X a week and mixing it up. 20 mins tread, 20 mins elliptical, 20 mins bike. I might throw in some stair stepper if I’m feeling crazy. I want to work up to getting outside this summer and doing some hilly walks / stairs. I figure I better start training for that now!

As I continue on my weight-loss journey I find tweaks to what works for me. In April/May I did the barre n9ne Skinny Jeans challenge – 2 barre classes a week + 10,000 steps per day + specific calorie goal. I was eating a LOT when the challenge began. Halfway through I changed my number and had to budget better for my calorie allotment. Now I am signed up for the 60-day Challenge – 4 classes per week, 10,000 steps per day plus a new, lower calorie goal. I am really having to work to make this work. I can’t just grab a granola bar without considering if I want to waste 250 calories or invest them somewhere else. I don’t automatically grab chips with my sandwich (and if I do I might consider not eating them and saving them for another day). I guess that’s all part of the process – adjusting as you go, tweaking where necessary and changing things when you get stuck in a rut.

I’m also mixing up my classes this time around. Last time I stuck to strictly barre method (the signature class with weights + barre work), barre fusion (mat-based similar to Pilates) and barre fusion (half mat, half barre, no weights). This time I am signed up for a bunch of “toned, fit, firm and ready” (TFFR for short) – by far one of the hardest, most fast-paced classes I’ve ever taken – it’s a little bit of everything! I’m also adding in a long lean legs class (from the website: Lose those extra inches in your thighs and get lean legs all by taking this class! How could you not after working your legs (and butt) for an hour! This class is for all levels, and does not included barre work.). Sounds killer huh? I’m working up to taking the barre n9ne cardio class – it’s a lot of jumping and this fat butt does not jump – yet. Someday I will!

So in my first 60 days I lost 15.5 inches overall and truly gained a handle on my insane habits. I had no idea how dependent I had become on snacks/desserts until I was forced to cut them out in favor of better choices. It’s funny how quickly you see the err in your ways when you track everything you eat rather than just mentally try to keep track!

What are you going to do to challenge yourself this month?



3 responses to “June Challenges!

  1. Memie says:

    Thanks for links I am looking forward to reading them.

  2. Jess Sutera says:

    Ohhh I love Lindsay, isn’t she awesome?? She has some GREAT recipes too, super healthy and unique!

    ALSO – digging that you’re continuing to learn a TON while doing the barre n9ne challenges…this next phase is going to be even more eye opening for you (in a good way) I think. And you know I’m here for you if you need ideas on how to manage the log, I love my food log!! (yes I’m a dork for saying that!)

    And finally, on the cardio front — what about just upping the intensity/focus of your cardio, maybe sticking to one machine vs. three to really focus on the intensity throughout the hour vs. hopping around? Just to shock the system a bit since its probably gotten used to the 20/20/20 bike/treadmill/elliptical? And add an incline to the treadmill work, really good for the hammies and glutes!

  3. jobo says:

    SO cool that you are doing Foodie Pen Pals!! That’s awesome. I love the switch ups you are making too, these will be great changes for you and challenges. I love the cardio too, but agree with Jess as well…or even, do it both ways. One week, one hour one machine, next week, one hour, 2-3 machines. whatever keeps you not bored 😉 But WORKING!
    For me, let’s see, more solo runs. I keep shying away from them but totally shouldnt!

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