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Legs Shaking Like WOAH

on June 15, 2012

Happy Friday!!

Super busy week. I have an awesome post – but it’s not quite ready yet. 🙂

In the meantime, let’s chat about the new class I took today that nearly killed me shall we? Member I said I needed to challenge myself more? Well today I did that by taking Long, Lean Legs with Miss Tanya Croteau herself. Now, the class itself was bound to be killer – it’s all legs and glutes! But, imagine for a second that you’re driving to class – almost there and the phone rings. Everyone canceled. Yup, all SEVEN PEOPLE registered canceled! What do you do? Well if you’re as insane as I am – you take the offer of a 1 on 1 with Tanya! So, we do plies – OK I can do these (I used to hate them, now I sorta like them). Then we do a crazy side-leg series of doom, followed by another side leg series of dooms, then glutes, then more leg lifts, then legs with the band….OMFG I want to DIE. No word of a lie. I am 42 shades of red, I am sweating buckets and my legs are SHAKING. I check my phone – surely it’s almost time to go right? WRONG. It’s been 32 mins. 28 left. TWENTY EIGHT? I can’t do that much longer, I will pass out.

I consider faking a seizure. I decide against it – my acting is terrible and with my luck Tanya knows some crazy CPR for seizures. I plug on.

More glutes – with the gray ball of doom. Pain is radiating through my lower body. My abs are laughing. I want to cry. More legs – this time sitting down and lifting the legs (Amanda I heard you love these). LOL. Terrible! Finally after what seems like 900 more reps….we’re done. We stretch. I think “I did it!! I survived a SOLO legs class!!”.

Then I stand.  Immediately I want to fall on the floor, curl into a ball and cry. OMG SO SORE!

I manage to walk down the stairs (though I cannot lie – I seriously considered sitting on my butt and scooting down like I did as a child). I walk to my car and somehow by the grace of God I manage to climb in without dying.

I’m in agony. I can’t wait until I wake up tomorrow and can barely open my eyes without crying. LOL.

I won’t die (though it does feel like it) – and I managed to make it through the class with only a few, brief stops. Impressive! I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. This week I rocked jeans I couldn’t get past by thighs on May 1st, that’s huge!! I feel so strong and so accomplished. I am so glad I found barre n9ne (insert gushy smiley face) – it really changed the way I look at exercise!

I’m looking forward to move leg shaking classes, more butt-kicking and more progress! 🙂

As for the rest of the weekend, I am doing Dad’s day brunch w/ Derek, Mom and Dad tomorrow at Masa Grill. Super excited, their menu looks amazing. I’m also taking 1 class Sunday, heading to the new Farmer’s Market in Wilmington and taking Dad out for Indian as a treat. Looking forward to quality family time + some rest!

Are you guys venturing outside your comfort zone? Challenging yourself? I hope so!

Enjoy your weekend!!

PS – some ecards card of the day is:



4 responses to “Legs Shaking Like WOAH

  1. jobo says:

    Haha! I love this play by play!! Good job getting through it, it is definitely one of the most intense classes ever! Keep pushing yourself girl, you are kicking butt! and PS I LOVE Masa! So good! Where M and I had our first date 🙂

  2. Claire says:

    Samantha! Congratulations on pushing yourself- what an amazing experience! For the pain (now and tomorrow), try some arnica gel if you haven’t already. It’s helped me with post-hike pains. (I like B&T’s Arniflora, you can find it at most natural food stores.) I’m trying to stay away from Ibuprofen b/c it’s so rough on the stomach, and Arniflora has really helped.
    Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Memie says:

    That’s awesome, great motivation

  4. What is it about the balls in Barre that seem so innocent, yet so deadly? Like the blue ball, reminds me of one I played with when I was a kid, yet causes so much (good) pain.

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