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July?! (Already??)

on July 2, 2012

Holy mackerel! It’s July 1st!! I don’t know how this month snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. (Sidenote: I hate that the past tense of sneak is sneaked. It sounds stupid. I’m saying snuck – kindly stop correcting me Firefox).

I always like to come into a new month and think about what I can conquer. In June I vowed to do the following:

Foodie Penpals? CHECK! So much fun.
Cardio kick-up? FAIL. I sucked at this. More on this later.
New barrre classes? CHECK CHECK CHECK! In June I tried TFFR a bunch of times (so in love!), Long, Lean Legs (holy killer). Lean and Tone w/ the lovely Stefanie Sweeney AND Arms and Abs. The only one I didn’t love was A+A. I love doing lower body moves. I found my glutes twitching to work out. LOL.

Overall I’d give myself a B in June. I did not conquer cardio – but I do go outside my comfort zone!

Now what will July bring?

Incorporate fruits or veggies into every meal. It’s summer ~ there is NO reason not to. Snack? Fresh salsa. Dinner? Grilled zucchini w/chicken. Dessert? Throw some berries in that bowl!

Get 10,000 steps in EVERY DAY. Not 8,000, not 6500 and 2 classes – 10,000. I’m slacking on this and I know I can do better. I have done better!

Try barre n9ne cardio. OMG I might die. This class petrifies me. Maybe because Tanya teaches it? Maybe because people come out dripping in sweat? Either way ~ just thinking about it has me shaking in my flip-flops. LOL.

OK those are the challenges this month. Hopefully I’m able to rock them. I also have my weigh-in/measurements coming soon for 60 day challenge. I hope I’m proud of my results. I find July and August better for eating (no one wants big meals and everyone is drinking water by the ton!) but I find i tougher for exercise. So hard to go outside when it’s a bajillion degrees ~ even if you are going to an air-conditioned classroom!

How do you modify your routines in the heat? Runners – do you come indoors or tough out the humidity?

Happy Fourth of July! Happy Birthday America! Celebrate responsibly and please remember why we’re celebrating. 🙂


10 responses to “July?! (Already??)

  1. Nicolle says:

    I know the time flies right? But it’s actually already July 2.
    I’d say either an early morning run or moving inside is the best way to deal with the heat. Or even switch it up and go swimming (my favorite sport).

    it’s great you set goals at the beginning of every month, I think i might have to start doing that.

    • LOL – it is July 2nd! Oops! 🙂

      I try to set goals every month but don’t always remember to check myself. I wish I was a swimmer- maybe someday? Not a huge water fan right now. bathing suits + plus size body = trauma. LOL

  2. holyshizayo says:

    As for ‘running’ (i say i’m shuffling), if I have a group to run with, we run at 6am before the heat is crazy. When I’m running by myself, I hit the tread. SOMETIMES I’ll run outside in the morning if I’m trying to even out my tan. FIN.

  3. jobo says:

    You did awesome in June!! You can TOTALLY do cardio! AND get those steps in. You got this!! (as for the heat, if it’s really unbearable, I would do it inside, but I usually just get up uber early and go outside when it’s still cool, otherwise, it is NOT doable!)

  4. mariahjean says:

    I thought I was the only one who says “snuck” and hates “sneaked”. Sneaked IS stupid.

  5. Sandy says:

    Snuck is actually acceptable, according to the dictionary. Suck it, browsers!

  6. Erika@YouJustDidWhat says:

    Good luck with your goals! I am also trying to incorporate fruits and veggies into every meal!

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