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Belated Birthdays + Beautiful Mantras

on July 16, 2012

I can’t believe I missed it. My blogiversary! Two years on July 8th, 2011 I started Sparkly and Slimming!

Happy (belated) Birthday little blog. Who knew a small outlet on the internet could change my life so greatly?!

Looking back to my first post in some ways I feel like I don’t know that person anymore.

She was angry. She was lost. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She didn’t know what to do to change but she knew she needed to do something…so she turned to public blogging. She wanted to change but wasn’t really willing to make any sacrifices (you mean I can’t eat Girl Scout cookies and lose weight? WTF?)

It’s been a roller coaster, I can’t lie. I’ve wanted to quit + hide under the covers under the excuse of work/stress/life. But something always kept me coming back. (hint: pretty sure it was you guys reading this with your sweet comments, emails and Facebook messages. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you. Seriously).

I thought this would be a nice linear progression of weight-loss and right around the 2 year mark I would reach my goal weight. <insert confetti and champagne toasting>

Guess what? I didn’t.

As of my last public weigh-in at the doctors I was 306. But, I’m not upset. Truly I’m not. I am STRONG. I am in control of my eating. I am in control of my exercise. I feel like I am becoming the person I always wanted to be. Someone who found an activity and stuck to it (love you barre n9ne!). Someone who got her feelings expressed in a way other than eating. Someone who set realistic goals (like 10,000 steps a day, 30 second planks, climbing 11 flights of stairs a day etc.) and achieved them.

I am smaller than I have been in a long time. I feel like my fat got compressed (is that possible?). LOL. I might not be in the weight range I once hoped for today – but I’m getting there. This time next year I will reflect on this post and realize I am finally a size 12/14 – whatever. I will be happy where I am – no matter where I end up.

That sums things up perfectly.

I make good choices. I don’t drink 4 coffees a day and eat crap in packages. I snack on fruit – not fruitsnacks. 😉 I read labels. I chose quality over quantity when it comes to eating. I use my calories wisely.

I realized only I can control my destiny. I can’t rely on Weight Watchers to give me self-esteem. I can’t rely on a personal trainer to build up my confidence. I have to trust myself and the process. (People always said this to me and I found it so cheesy – now I realize it’s true!). There have been (and will be) sacrifices along the way. There will also be stumbles. Things may not look the way I imagined – but that doesn’t mean things are wrong!

I can see defined collar bones. I can see defined ankle bones (you all have no idea how huge this is – I haven’t had ankles in like 15 years). I no longer want to be something I’m not – I want to be strong. Which leads me to the “beautiful mantra” part of this post.

My LA-based birthday twin and fabulous girlfriend Rach texted me this yesterday and I just loved it: “Strong is the new skinny” – as seen at a Cross Fit event.

I did a little Goggling and found this, my new favorite pic:

That chick rocks!

This was the runner-up for picture for this post. Check out her legs! Wowza!

In keeping with this theme here are some fit goals for my next year of blogging:

1. Complete Insanity or PD90X – I know this is nuts because the boys at work do it. I want to be that nuts. 🙂  (editor’s note: this may be something I do in a few months…like 6. Not now. LOL).

2. Try a CrossFit class. Jewels I do believe you are on the hook to do this with me!

3. Learn how to surf (Alex, Wheats – I’m looking at you two to teach me!)

4. Jog. Slog. Something. I want to complete a “run” (loose term) at some point. Just once.

5. Take a spin class. I’ve been squawking about this for ages. Time to put up or shut up and do it!

Thank you all for reading, inspiring and motivating me ~ you rock!



8 responses to “Belated Birthdays + Beautiful Mantras

  1. Lauren says:

    I ran a 5K yesterday with a friend of mine who has similar goals as you, it is called Color Me Rad… We should work at going to it next year I think it is right up your ally! It is a fun run, no timer, no pressure, just have fun, run and get covered in color while doing it (look at my pictures) though the blue paint took a bit of scrubbing to get out of my skin it was totally worth it! My friend’s sister in-law and I were here running buddies and motivation. We all had fun and we didn’t care how long it took Kelly as long as she finished it and she ran/jogged the whole thing! We were all in tears at the end (partly because of the color in our eyes, but also because we were just so proud of her!!!)

  2. Nicolle says:

    Congratulations on all you have achieved so far! And Happy Blogiversary 🙂

  3. jen says:

    your awesome!

  4. I will slog with you! I have a new walking to run 5k program I want to try. I got it from Athleta.

  5. jobo says:

    Happy two years!! You have come a long way and while there may still be more you want to accomplish, I am glad you realize what you HAVE done already. Keep it up girl!!

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