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Take Me On A Trip…

on July 25, 2012

“I’d like to go somewhere! Take me to New York, I’d love to see L.A.

I’m off again – one day in Chicago (today!) for meetings. Then off to NY the following Tues-Friday then (possibly) off to LA. Waiting on confirmation for that….eeep!

Then I have a few normal weeks and it’s back on the road – Atlanta, Orlando, Minneapolis…Oy. LOL.

So I need to buckle down. Stick to my number – get as many steps in as humanly possible and find time for workouts. In NY I will opt for a DVD but in LA I think I’ll try a Cardio Barre class.

I have 2 barre DVDs I can pack – neither are as good as an in-person DVD (but truly no DVD is!):

Anyone else have other DVDs they can recommend? Obviously you’ve got limited space in a hotel so nothing that requires running or walking lunges. LOL.

I might try to improvise a barre n9ne workout – but honestly I never push myself as hard as I do in class. I always wimp out! There is really something to be said for the power of in person motivation!

This time around I feel pretty good going into a trip. I’m in a good place emotionally and mentally ~ I don’t have fear that I’ll “forget” to eat my number or go crazy and eat junk I shouldn’t. I feel in control.

I’m not worried about steps – especially in NYC. This morning alone I took a wrong turn in the airport and I’m already at 3222! LOL.

My only complaint is the travel will disrupt my barre n9ne challenge schedule – which I meticulously planned! Then again, the best laid plans of mice and men…. 😉

After these I think I’m due for some down time at work. I daydream about sitting around doing absolutely nothing then driving to the beach to enjoy a sunset. My next true vacation isn’t until October (Mom turns 60 and i decided we need to celebrate in Los Angeles. She’s never been to the west coast!).

I guess this is the whole “living”part of the challenge. Not everyday will be perfect and planned out, how will I adjust to that? We’ll see! Wish me luck.


2 responses to “Take Me On A Trip…

  1. It’s awesome you are bringing DVDs with ywork, your motivation is inspiring. I will also assure you that when we go to Foxwoods I will make sure we get all our steps in!

  2. jobo says:

    You have a great game plan to get through travel while on the challenge!! it is the challenging part, for sure. But you can totally do this!! I think Physique 57 has some pretty good DVDs worth trying too!! Safe travels, b9 will miss you!

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