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On “Giving Up”

on July 27, 2012

I wish I could say this was a sunshine and sparkles post….it’s not. Who knows, it’s midnight on Thursday – I might feel differently in the light of day and scrap this. But, for right now I need to get this out.

Editor’s Note: It’s Friday at 2pm and I’m still in this funk. I think posting it keeps me real so here we go.

I’m frustrated. Beyond belief. I’m trying SO HARD to be perfect….and I’m failing miserably.

1800 calories a day? Check. Ask my family, I LIVE on MFP tracking every bite. If it doesn’t fit into my day, I don’t eat it. No matter how much I want it.

Cardio? Yes, check, check

5-6 barre classes a week? Check – literally as many different classes I can – constantly spicing it up.

I’m just not sure how much more I can do….and not see results. I’m so frustrated it’s not funny. I look in the mirror and I look the same. People see me and remark that I look “Great ~ but not as small as the expected” (true story) or “The same just more compact”.

I’m at my breaking point. I don’t know what else I need to do to see a change….

I gave up fried foods, I rarely drink – when I do it’s ONE drink not several – I don’t have dessert every night – I don’t go out to lunch 4 days a week – I haven’t eaten anything processed in a while – a LONG while. I’m just at a loss…..

I want to say “eff this”, crawl into a hole and just take a break from everything. I thought WW was broken….but now I’m starting to think I’m broken. I see all the success around me and I’m not part of it. I just don’t know what I need anymore, or where to go from here.

For now I will “keep calm and carry on“….”just keep swimming” ~ whatever cute anecdote means I won’t throw in the towel despite really, really wanting to.

Hopefully t


8 responses to “On “Giving Up”

  1. Jaylee says:

    Don’t lose heart, my dear! You have hit a plateau, one of many you will encounter. Plateaus simply mean that it’s time to change things up. Your body adapted to your caloric intake and your current exercise schedule and it needs you to spice things up a bit. You just need to give your metabolism a little entertainment boost!

    You can do it. You don’t have to be perfect, and frustration is ok to feel. Work that frustration into strength and pull yourself through it. You can do it you can do it you can do it!

  2. Roxy Roxstar says:

    Lady, you inspire me, and I totally feel ya! *hugs*

    My personal opinion: I think that the best thing you can do right now is give yourself a break. Don’t go all out and break all of your good habits, but maybe take a night off and indulge a tiny bit. The most important thing is to not guilt yourself for it.

    You are AMAZING, and nobody is perfect, just perfectly themselves!

  3. curt says:

    I know how you’re feeling but I also know you’ve been seeing results just not the results you expected. You’ve told us about feeling stronger, thats results. Your body needs time to make this transition, to realize that it must follow your will. At some point you will see results like magic. For now remind yourself thatbit took years to get here and it will tale years to get where you’re going. This is a life change not a diet.
    You are such an inspiration to all of us, you can do this.

  4. jobo says:

    Email incoming…but I just want you to know that you are doing great, keep the focus, keep the determination and it’ll happen. Have some ideas on ways to help too 🙂

  5. DONT GIVE UP! Maybe you need to drop your calories. I hit a plateau and dropped my caloric intake and bam I started losing again.

  6. sturg2012 says:

    Dearest Samantha,
    IMHO – If people were intended to live life in a box we would all be uninteresting and drone-like. When we make choices to change our lives – we always are excited at the very start. After several weeks of “trying hard” – it sometimes starts to get annoying, and down right depressing. These feelings though – are signs of success – not failure. Even in the most down times – we fall – but we always get back up. Don’t hold yourself to an unattainable standard. You are human. You can do it. Just remember that you do not have a timeline – and you cannot rush these things. To be successful you must try to find balance in all aspects of your life. Include time to stop and smell the roses. Look at the trail behind you to see how far you have come! You are not losing – you are winning! Don’t give up – but rest – take a breather – check in with yourself – set some new goals – change things up. Shuffle the deck. Keep it interesting. Life is about living – not routines and parameters. Keep your head high. You are doing awesome. *cyber hug*

  7. Nicolle says:

    I agree with everyone else…don’t give up!! You’ve put so much work into your goal already. But, I don’t think you should try to be perfect, since nobody is perfect. There are always hurdles on the way to your goals that are meant to test how much you really want to achieve them.
    Maybe you should try a new class that works out your muscles in a different way…I think I’ve mentioned swimming before. Or maybe just take a break from thinking about working out and weight loss and do something fun…rock climbing, paintball, dodgeball…You can do it!

  8. Memie says:

    Giving up is a normal process we all go through when we don’t see a change in what we are trying to accomplish. We look at ourselves and %&*# it many times over. If you ask me I think you look friggin amazing. You inspire me to continue each time I look at your beautiful pictures. I have to do cross training to get anywhere. I find that doing different exercises every day keeps my body thinking so I don’t get into a rut. 🙂

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